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Hey all,

I've signed up for the CPAN Pull Request Challenge, and for my first assignment I got Net::Amazon.

So far, I've corrected some doc issues (thanks to Amazon having a policy of changing their API without notice consistently), a bug and some other small items, but I'm looking for more.

I'd like to hear from other Monks whether they, or others they know use this module. If they do, what drawbacks do you find, and if they don't and have considered it, why it was passed over.

Essentially, I want to find real-life issues with the software, or desires that it doesn't currently perform (well, or at all). Because of its vastness, there's no way I can play around extensively.

Any real world insight into the module would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: my comment about Amazon changing their API was based on heresay, not experience, so I retract it.