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Howdy monks, I have a slight predicament. I have lost the original source code for a GUI I were making. I have an older copy but it doesnt have anywhere near the amount of time i had put into the script in the packed exe. Is there any way at all that i can get this source back? I can prove that I made the script if needed. I was using the PDK v9.3 if that helps any.

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Re: Obtaining source code from Perlapp packed exe (PDK 9.3)
by Corion (Patriarch) on Aug 23, 2015 at 07:21 UTC

      Yes, i did try searching but im not up to par on PE Explorer or IDA and dont know what exactly what I am looking for. I can post the full source to the older script if needed.

Re: Obtaining source code from Perlapp packed exe (PDK 9.3)
by GrandFather (Saint) on Aug 22, 2015 at 21:08 UTC

    Not of much help this time round, but for the future seriously consider using a version control system such as Mercurial or Git. Personally I recommend Mercurial as being easier to get up to speed with, especially if you are GUI oriented (see TortoiseHg).

    As a bonus places like Bitbucket offer cloud storage for off site repositories and also allows collaboration between developers in small teams.

    If you use a revision control system and get into the habit of at least committing before each release or milestone you'll have pretty good confidence that at least you won't lose important code changes.

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      The funny thing is I had a dropbox account then at that time and thought i had uploaded the script in its almost final state, but I didnt ;( I do however have everything else in DropBox, icons, older source, test files ect, just not the latest script. Im kicking myself in the arse over this one. I reckon im going to need to relearn WxPerl. Thats what I dislike about myself, is my memory, if I could remember how to put it together and the methods, it wouldnt even be a problem.

        My sympathies. My memory works (or doesn't), similarly. So I endorse learning a good version control system. Without my notes, which version control has saved (along with my ass) several times, I would be utterly lost. (I consider my computer and NAS my "auxiliary brain.")



      FWIW, Tortoise also makesThere is a TortoiseGit interface.

      I have been informed that TortoiseGit may not be related to TortoiseSvn, other than by name.


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        I've heard of it. Last time I looked it wasn't very feature complete or very stable. That was some time ago and it has most likely improved since then.

        The Git philosophy is somewhat against GUI use in any case. It's more a command line toolbox than a one stop application in the fashion of Mercurial.

        Premature optimization is the root of all job security