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I've been knocking around with Perl ever since I discovered it as a means for CGI s‎crip‎ting at Uni back in the misty past of 1999-2000.

Since then I've used Perl mainly in an Internet context for site s‎crip‎ting and database interaction before moving on to what others would probably think of "real" coding.

Currently I'm working as a contractor in the UK for a large financial business.

This was my first obfu (been in my bio since I joined) - still maybe not the best but hey, it was my first attempt:

$x;$d="1151";$b="12108";$a;$d.=$b. "105"."11601"."1401"."111601";$x= sub{for(0..4){($d=~s/(\d{3})//);$c .=chr($1);}$c.="//";};;$a=sub{@l= reverse((eval(&$x.','.shift)));join "",@l;};;($o=&$a('$d')||'')=~s/ (.{3})/chr($1)/gxe;print$o;