The gods are the administrators of the PerlMonks web site.
They are "superusers", in that they have the powers of all of the various cabal groups (aka orders of monks) — power users, pmdev, etc.

In addition, they have their own unique powers, such as:

Gods do not have access to the servers on which PerlMonks runs!

The gods determine the policies which govern PerlMonks, and are the ultimate arbiters of site policy.
Even so, the gods operate according to an ethic which reflects the site's tradition of voluntary self-restraint and mutual respect.

The gods are your court of last appeal: send a message to the gods.
If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding site policy, /msg [gods]. :-)
(Note: if you are not logged in, you will only be able to send a message to the gods via the form on the Retrieving a forgotten username or password page.) Sending a message from this site is the preferred method of contact.

If you really need an out-of-band way of contacting the site administrators, there also is, but please really consider sending a message first.

Membership in the gods group is by invitation only. You can't apply to join it like you can with other orders.

Some of these gods have separate accounts for their non-godly activities; those "mortal" accounts are linked to near the top of each godly account's home node.