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Re: passing anything from GD to Tk ???

by Jouke (Curate)
on Sep 28, 2001 at 11:04 UTC ( #115328=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to passing anything from GD to Tk ???

Hmm..I suppose this is becoming something for the GUI FAQ. This question has been asked a few days ago on the ptk mailinglist, which I responded with this suggestion:

If you use MIME::Base64, and base64-encode the data, before feeding it to Tk, you can use the image you created with GD in Tk. I've used it in pVoice 0.01, where I resize a JPG with GD before using it in a Tk button.


Jouke Visser, Perl 'Adept'
Using Perl to help the disabled: pVoice and pStory

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Re: Re: passing anything from GD to Tk ???
by smackdab (Pilgrim) on Oct 21, 2001 at 08:26 UTC
    Today, I actually stumbled across why this is ...because it is legacy TCL, which expects everything to be a string and Base64 encodes that...but you probably already know this... (BTW, it would be good for the FAQ)

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