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Re^3: problems updating CPAN via CPAN

by u65 (Chaplain)
on Jan 28, 2016 at 15:15 UTC ( #1153878=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: problems updating CPAN via CPAN
in thread problems updating CPAN via CPAN

I assume that you haven't used CPAN as a non-root user. I would manually edit root's file and eliminate all URLs except one good mirror. Then post the contents of that file where we can see it. Later we may have to uninstall all Perl modules installed by your package manager, and then investigate your system to see what modules remain. Many monks here know lots of Perl system magic to help in the cleanup.

Update: One more option is to use cpanm instead of CPAN if we start with a system-clean configuration.

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Re^4: problems updating CPAN via CPAN
by e-ferrari (Novice) on Jan 28, 2016 at 16:28 UTC

    You are right, i always used cpan als root. Here is my config: /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0/CPAN/ I don't have config in my home.

    # This is's systemwide configuration file. This file provides # defaults for users, and the values can be changed in a per-user # configuration file. $CPAN::Config = { 'applypatch' => q[], 'auto_commit' => q[0], 'build_cache' => q[100], 'build_dir' => q[/root/.cpan/build], 'build_dir_reuse' => q[1], 'build_requires_install_policy' => q[ask/yes], 'bzip2' => q[/usr/bin/bzip2], 'cache_metadata' => q[1], 'check_sigs' => q[0], 'commandnumber_in_prompt' => q[1], 'connect_to_internet_ok' => q[1], 'cpan_home' => q[/root/.cpan], 'curl' => q[/usr/bin/curl], 'ftp' => q[/usr/bin/ftp], 'ftp_passive' => q[1], 'ftp_proxy' => q[], 'getcwd' => q[cwd], 'gpg' => q[/usr/bin/gpg], 'gzip' => q[/usr/bin/gzip], 'halt_on_failure' => q[0], 'histfile' => q[/root/.cpan/histfile], 'histsize' => q[100], 'http_proxy' => q[], 'inactivity_timeout' => q[0], 'index_expire' => q[1], 'inhibit_startup_message' => q[0], 'keep_source_where' => q[/root/.cpan/sources], 'load_module_verbosity' => q[v], 'lynx' => q[/usr/bin/lynx], 'make' => q[/usr/bin/make], 'make_arg' => q[], 'make_install_arg' => q[], 'make_install_make_command' => q[/usr/bin/make], 'makepl_arg' => q[], 'mbuild_arg' => q[], 'mbuild_install_arg' => q[], 'mbuild_install_build_command' => q[./Build], 'mbuildpl_arg' => q[], 'ncftp' => q[], 'ncftpget' => q[], 'no_proxy' => q[], 'pager' => q[less], 'patch' => q[/usr/bin/patch], 'perl5lib_verbosity' => q[none], 'prefer_external_tar' => q[1], 'prefer_installer' => q[MB], 'prefs_dir' => q[/root/.cpan/prefs], 'prerequisites_policy' => q[ask], 'recommends_policy' => q[1], 'scan_cache' => q[atstart], 'shell' => q[/bin/bash], 'show_unparsable_versions' => q[0], 'show_upload_date' => q[0], 'show_zero_versions' => q[0], 'suggests_policy' => q[0], 'tar' => q[/bin/tar], 'tar_verbosity' => q[v], 'term_is_latin' => q[1], 'term_ornaments' => q[1], 'test_report' => q[0], 'trust_test_report_history' => q[0], 'unzip' => q[/usr/bin/unzip], 'urllist' => [q[]], 'use_prompt_default' => q[0], 'use_sqlite' => q[0], 'version_timeout' => q[15], 'wget' => q[/usr/bin/wget], 'yaml_load_code' => q[0], 'yaml_module' => q[YAML], }; 1; __END__

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