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PROBLEM: When using PDF-API2 to create a new pdf file, I had writed some text on it with the method $page->text. It seems that the \newline do not works here and I wish to know if there is a method equivalent for writing paragraphs. Example:

use PDF::API2; ... my $txt = $page->text(); $txt->translate(50,500); $txt->text("This should be a text \n in four lines \n in coordinates x +=50, y=500, \n but is printed in a single line that reaches the borde +r of the page and escapes toward mars");

I tried $page->par() and $page->paragraph(), just because, without luck:

Can't locate object method "par" via package "PDF::API2::Page" at line 44.

AUTO-SOLVED: seconds before to submit the post, but the answer could be useful to other monks and is not trivial to find, so I'll send it in any case.

You need to use the method section from $txt:

$txt->section("this will be \n written in the pdf \n as a paragraph", $textboxwidth, $textboxheight);

There is also $txt->text_center('my text') that places the text in the center of the given coordinates