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Think about Loose Coupling


by bliako (Monsignor)
on Jun 11, 2016 at 14:36 UTC ( #1165397=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

A social, familial and academic misfit, Bliako has travelled widely, studied hard and passed exams, learned from the wise and nut-cases alike, taught the willing and researched for Institutes.

Currently self-un-employed looking for employment, Bliako explores the boundaries of the space-time-"money" continuum without his gaze ever leaving his beloved navel.

Bliako has never endowed any profit-seeking corporation with his surplus labour neither did he take advantage of anyone else's, although he did eat some free lunches during the dot-com errÓr, then being young and cocky.

When others saw in Perl paradise lost, Bliako saw promised land and claimed a shack in it, with frequent back-and-forth excursions to C, C++ and Java - often inlining.

Hugely indebted to the authors of perl and all contributors to the free software foundation, cpan, cran, ctan, gnu, tex, boost, unix, linux ... Bliako recognises that he programs sitting on the hunched shoulders of giants with whom he can not even shake hands.

Bliako is versed with a few s‎crip‎torials like bash and R and has fun combining all of them as well as Perl, boost, atlas libraries, openmp, PETSc, opencv, sometimes cuda, in order to analyse data for biology or have fun with super-collider, processing, scraping, perl web-backends, the occasional hlack /sic/.

Bliako well hopes that atheism will not become an obstacle in his ascending the echelons of the Monastery and having a beer with his new-found friends.

The temperature is 40C in the Island of Saints and Bliako lives well in heat


Source of original image unknown unfortunately, I think it was called The Vortex.

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