Ok, this is no great and powerful obfu that will stump users for ages to come, it's more of a funny obfu taking advantage of the plethora of Finite Automata questions floating through the PM... So, I thought, why not get rid of the middle man. No longer do you have to wait for Clueless Newbies(tm) or Oxford Cream to come along and post a question of finite automatae, you can have hours of fun generating your own!
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; # For those of you who just can't get enough Finite Automata # questions! ;-) $_=q~my@a=(['Hello','Greeti ngs','Hi','', 'What\'s_up','Honored_Monks ','Ummm'],["\n "],['my_teacher_assigned_us _a','I_was_wond ering,_if_I_wanted_to,_how_ would_I_write_a' ,'I_have_no_clue_when_to_st art,_I_need_to_w rite_a','URGENT!_URGENT!!_U RGENT!!!_I_neeeee d_help_with_this._Can_someo ne_tell_me_how_to_ write_or_gi ve_me_some_code_to_ perform_ope rations_of'],['_fini te_automata ._'],['The_requireme nts_can_be_ found_at_this_URL:_ht tp:// class/home work/finite_automata/do_i t_yourself /assignment 1.htm.','It_must_be_able_ to_process_ up_to___RAN D___states_over_the_alpha bet_includ ing_1,3_and _7._Run_these_test_string s_against_i t..._1337_3 1337_133t_and_suX#r.','It _need_to_do _something_ with_states_and_an_alphab et,_but_I\ 'm_not_good _with_geography_so_really _need_help! ','','The_c ode_I_have_ started_looks_like_this:_#inc lude_<stdio .h>__void_main()_{_printf("Hel lo_World\n" );_}..._if_anyone_can_tell_me_ where_to_go _from_here_I_would_greatly_appr eciate_it.' ],["\n________________"],['Thank _You','Oh,_ and_I_need_this_by_Friday','Pleas e_please_PL EEEZ!','','Thank_you_for_this_wond erful_site! ','I_send_you_this_file_in_order_t o_have_your _advice','c lueless_newb ie','pearl_ user'],["\n" ]);for(@a){m y@b=@$_;$_= $b[rand@b];s /__RAND__/in t(rand(30)) /ge;s/_/chr( 32)/eg;print ;}~;s/\s//g ;eval$_;#### by Suaveant!!

Update semicolon after use strict

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