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Thanks for the pointers -- I finally got it, but it's a little messy:
use Mail::Internet; use Mail::Address; my @mail; while(<>) { push @mail, $_; } #read mail from STDIN and put it in @MAIL my $EMAIL = new Mail::Internet([@mail]); my $header = $EMAIL->head(); my @hlines; push @hlines, $header->get('To'); push @hlines, $header->get('Cc'); push @hlines, $header->get('Bcc'); #thanks [ZZamboni]... my @addr; foreach (@hlines) { my $line = $_; $line =~ s/^\w+\:(.*)$/$1/gs; #this is necessary to cut off the initial "To:" from the #header line -- I'm not sure why Address::Parse doesn't #do this push (@addr, Mail::Address->parse($line)); } #we now have a list of address objects -- convert to text addresses foreach (@addr) { $_ = $_->address } #our addresses are now in @addr
if anyone has any suggestions to tidy this up, please post. Esp. clipping the "To:", "cc:", and "bcc:" seems like it shouldn't need to be there -- but this worked on my test emails.

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RE: Re: Extracting a list of email addresses from a mail header
by ZZamboni (Curate) on May 15, 2000 at 22:09 UTC
    I think you are bypassing the documented interface of Mail::Header by accessing its internal data like that (mail_hdr_hash). The following gives you the headers with the keyword removed:
    push @hlines, $header->get('To'); push @hlines, $header->get('Cc'); push @hlines, $header->get('Bcc');
    According to the Mail::Header documentation, get() in array context returns "a list of all the text from all the instances of TAG". Which should be what you are looking for.