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Re^3: Hash of Hash of Arrays

by voltas (Novice)
on Aug 25, 2016 at 10:12 UTC ( #1170401=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Hash of Hash of Arrays
in thread Hash of Hash of Arrays

Appreciate your response, shared the entire details. My log file is below:
JIRA: COM-1234 Program:Development Reviewer:John Wick Description:Genral fix rev:r345676 ------------------------------------------ JIRA:COM-1234 Program:Development Reviewer:None Description:Updating Received rev:r909276 ------------------------------------------ JIRA: COM-6789 Program:Testing Reviewer:Balise Mat Description:Audited rev:r876391 ------------------------------------------ JIRA: COM-6789 Program:Testing Reviewer:Chan Joe Description:SO hwat rev:r698392 ------------------------------------------ JIRA: COM-6789 Program:Testing Reviewer:Chan Joe Description:Paid the Due rev:r327896 ------------------------------------------
My incomplete code is below.
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use 5.010; use Data::Dumper; my @records = do { local $/ = '------------------------------'; <>; }; chomp @records; my %jira; foreach (@records) { next unless /\S/; my %rec = /^(\w+):\s*(.+?)$/mg; push @{$jira{$rec{Program}}{$rec{JIRA}}}, \%rec; } #say Dumper \%jira; foreach $prg (keys %jira) { print "=========================================================== +=\n"; print " PROGRAM : prg + \n"; print "=========================================================== +=\n"; foreach $jira (keys %{$jira{$prg}}) { print "******************\n"; print "JIRA ID : $jira\n"; print "******************\n"; @myarr = @{$jira{$prg}{$jira}}; foreach $val (@myarr) { for $i ( 0 .. $#myarr ) { print "NO:$i\n"; foreach $key (keys %{$myarr[$i]}) { #print "KEY: $key\n"; print " ======> $val[$i]{revision}\n"; } } } } }
What I'm trying to accomplish is to read the log file and print the output in the below format.
================================== Program: Development =================================== ***************** JIRA ID: COM 1234 ***************** rev => r345676 Reviewer => John Wick Description => Genral fix rev => r909276 Description => Updating Received Reviewer => None ================================== Program: Testing =================================== ***************** JIRA ID: COM 6789 ***************** rev => r876391 Description => Audited Reviewer => Balise Mat rev => r698392 Reviewer => Chan Joe Description => SO hwat rev => r327896 Reviewer' => Chan Joe Description' => Paid the Due
I'm able to print the unique Program & JIRA ID but the revision, Reviewer and Description values are getting displayed multiple times for every single JIRA ID. Looking forward for your suggestions.Thanks much.

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