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Where are the strings you're putting into eval coming from...

It's from another program's exported plain text data in a file, and what's inside is a list of flatten object attributes and their value(~400 lines), which looks like:

object.prop.subprop.[0].name = "foo" object.prop.subprop.[1].name = "bar" obj.prop.[0] = "blah" obj.prop.[1] = 1000 ... ...
The vendor of that program exported this for me to do my part with perl implementation. And then my script will rewrite this text file, and the program will import the text file back.

I considered about the security issue, anyway the read part seem clean enough for me, that's why I use eval. Although my implementation do deal with user input, but since my data are constrained to use /^[\w\d\., ]+$/i only, so the write back data should be clean as well... unless it's not;).

I just read into Data::Diver and found that my $ref= DiveRef( $root, qw( top 9 new sub ) ); would be useful for me, so Thanks a lot!! Only I thought that would be some build in perl func or syntactical trick can do the job. Seem there should be no simple direct way to do that now.