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Re: runtime error not caught by compilation check???

by ww (Archbishop)
on Jan 01, 2017 at 12:48 UTC ( #1178767=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to runtime error not caught by compilation check???

Warning to readers: What follows is nowhere near "best practice;" in fact, it's not even "good" code. But, FTR:

The working (but still in need of refactoring) code is much too long to post except in the following readmore but that's why that markup exists. Also noted, failed-currying the raw submissions into a useable form helped masked my mistakes, but the chief issue was hidden in my omissions in the OP.
Also, FWIW, both with the broken code and the working script, the BEGIN block suggested by LanX produce this

Exe:C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe , Ver:v5.24.0 , File:D:\_STM_work\

As the filename above suggests, sqlite's norms for quoting (and my departures therefrom) created some of the issues which delayed this update.

The code producing html output follows inside the 'readmore'; the db-creation-code follows.

#! /usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use feature qw'say'; use DBI; # source: New1229dbWithDblQuotes.sqlite; output: 1231STM.htm # TBD: see pod at LN 150 BEGIN { warn "Exe:$^X , Ver:$^V , File:$0 \n" } # get data from db my $db = 'DBI'->connect('dbi:SQLite:dbname=New1229dbWithDblQuotes.sqli +te', q(), q(), { RaiseError => 1, }); my $select = $db->prepare(<< '__SQL__'); SELECT events.item, events.type, events.note, events.longdesc, times.s +tarttime, times.endtime,, times.who, times.note, times.ex +tra FROM events, times WHERE times.starttime LIKE "2016-08-0_ %" AND events.link_id = times.link_id ORDER BY times.starttime __SQL__ my ($link_id, $events_item, $events_type, $events_note, $events_longde +sc, $starttime, $endtime, $place, $who, $note, $extra, %skedhash, $sk +edhash, $FH_out); my $old_daymarker = '2016-08-03'; # 1 day before ofcl CVN start; flag + for day dividers; see Ln 74 et seq my $daymarker; # tested (in truncated form) for eq +uality to $old_daymarker $select->execute or die $DBI::errstr; # Create html #LN 32 my $file="1231STM.htm"; open ($FH_out, ">", $file) or die "Can not open $file", $!; # masthead print $FH_out <<__HEADER__; <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http:/ +/"> <html lang="en"> <head> <title>Doublequotetest</title> <meta name="description" content="Springfield Telescope Makers 2017 Co +nvention: Schedule and program details; Classes and hands-on Mirror G +rinding; Optical and Mechanical competitions."> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css"> <meta name="keywords" content="Stellafane, 2017, 'Springfield Telescop +e Makers', telescope, Porter, Hartness, McGregor, Breuning, dome, obs +erving, imaging, 'mirror making' 'mirror-grinding', 'Optical and Mech +anical competitions'"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="STMStyle.css"> </head> <body> <div style="margin-left: 10%; margin-right: 10%;"><img src="common/lit +tleman-pink-shdw-100x139.jpg" width="100" height="139" alt="Stellafan +e LittleMan"> &nbsp; <img src="common/ConventionHeader2017.jpg" width="740" height="140" al +t="Convention Schedule Header for 2017"></div> <h1 style="text-align: center;">2017 Stellafane Convention Schedule</h +1> __HEADER__ print $FH_out <<__STARTTABLE__; <table style="width:95%;"> <thead><tr> <th style='Width: 55%; font-weight: normal;'><b>Event</b>, <i>Type +</i>, Host or Moderator, When &amp; Where</th>\n <th style='width: 45%;'>Additional Info</th>\n</tr>\n </thead> <tbody> __STARTTABLE__ #################################################### sub sked { #LN 67 no warnings "uninitialized"; %skedhash = @_; if ($skedhash{'who'} ne '') { $skedhash{'who'} = "<i>Hosted by $skedhash{'who'}</i>"; } # next LN = 74 $daymarker = substr $skedhash{"starttime"}, 0, 10; # truncate to +date element only; omit time if ( $daymarker !~ /$old_daymarker.*/ ) { $old_daymarker = $daymarker; # update the f +lag # daymarker used in Date::Day (needs an array mm,dd,yy +yy or string: mm,dd,yyyy ## my @orig = split /-/, $skedhash{"starttime"}, 3; # split only + first 3 elements my @fixed; push @fixed, $orig[1]; push @fixed, $orig[2]; push @fixed, $orig[0]; my $newday; $newday = &day(@fixed); use Date::Day; my $display_date = "$orig[1]-$orig[2]-$orig[0]"; my $STM_day = &day(@fixed); # 3 or 4 letter day + !!Date::Day needs array mm,dd,yyyy ### my $ID_day; $ID_day = qq[<a id="$STM_day">]; # for an +chor; say $FH_out <<__DAYDIVIDER__; <tr><td colspan='2' style='text-align: center; border: 2px sol +id #ff0000; color: red; background-color: #80E6EA;'>$ID_day<h2>$STM_d +ay, $display_date</h2></a></td></tr> __DAYDIVIDER__ } print $FH_out qq[ <tr>\n <td><br><b>$skedhash{"events_item"} </b><i>$skedhash{"events_ty +pe"}</i><br>\n $skedhash{"who"}\n<br>\n $skedhash{"starttime"} - $skedhash{"endtime"}<br> $skedhash{"place"}</td> <td>$skedhash{"note"}</td> </tr>\n <tr> <td colspan='2'>$skedhash{"events_longdesc"}</td> </tr>\n <tr> <td colspan="2" style="margin-top: 6px;"> <hr style="color: #ff0000; background-color: #80E6EA; widt +h: 93%;"> </td> </tr>]; use warnings "all"; } ### END sub sked() ######## my $sql = qq/SELECT events.link_id, events.item, events.type, events.n +ote, events.longdesc, times.starttime, times.endtime,, times.who, times.note, times.extra FROM events, times WHERE events.link_id = times.link_id ORDER BY starttime/; my $sth = $db->prepare($sql); # LN125 $sth->execute(); while ( my ($events_link_id, $events_item, $events_type, $events_note, + $events_longdesc, $starttime, $endtime, $place, $who, $note, $extra) + = $sth->fetchrow_array ) { my %skedrow = ( 'events_link_id' => $events_link_id, 'events_item' => $events_item, 'events_type' => $events_type, 'events_note' => $events_note, 'events_longdesc' => $events_longdesc, 'starttime' => $starttime, 'endtime' => $endtime, 'place' => $place, 'who' => $who, 'note' => $note, 'extra' => $extra, ); sked(%skedrow); } # wrap up the html say $FH_out '</tbody></table> <p>More to come</p></body></html>'; ### End of program close $FH_out; =head TBD: make html table of events by type of event by: SELECT link_id, item, type FROM events ORDER BY type; 40|Collimation and Maintenance of a Cassegrain-Type System|A 41|Taking ATM Techniques To The APO Level|A ... 12|Hartness House Workshop: Sub-Arcsecond Spatial Resolution Imaging|W 44|Stellafane New Horizons Project|Y 45|&#8217;Scope Making For Teens|Y .... (and, similarly, a table of 'types)...

For the record, the cleaned-up data got spewed into the db, this way:

#! /usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use feature qw{ say }; use Cwd; my $pwd = cwd(); if ( $pwd ne 'D:/_STM_work' ) { warn "Execute this file ONLY from 'D:/_STM_work/'"; exit; } my $filename = 'New1229dbWithDblQuotes.sqlite'; # database if (-e $filename) { rename ("$filename", "$filename.bak"); } else { say "$filename does not exist, Creating it now"; } use DBI; my $db = 'DBI'->connect( "dbi:SQLite:dbname=$filename", q(), q(), { RaiseError => 1, } ); $db->do(<< '__SQL__'); CREATE TABLE events ( ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, link_id INTEGER, item VARCHAR NOT NULL, type VARCHAR, note TEXT, longdesc TEXT) __SQL__ $db->do(<< '__SQL__'); CREATE TABLE times ( ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, link_id INTEGER, starttime VARCHAR NOT NULL, endtime VARCHAR NOT NULL, place VARCHAR NOT NULL, who VARCHAR, note TEXT, extra TEXT) __SQL__ my $insert = $db->prepare(<< '__SQL__'); INSERT INTO events(link_id, item, type, note, longdesc) VALUES(?, ?, ? +, ?, ?) __SQL__ $insert->execute(@$_) for [ 1, 'Large RV Permit Holders must arrive', 'H', 'Hours', 'Large R +Vs must be pre-registered and must arrive between Noon and 4PM on Thu +rsday. Do not arrive early: we have large trucks making food deliveri +es and installing sanitation facilities before then.' ], [ 2, 'Early Entry Permit Holders can arrive', 'H', 'Hours', 'Pleas +e do not arrive before 3:00 PM and do not park on Jordan Road. The la +rge RVs come in before you. You will not be admitted before 3:00 PM b +ecause our gate staff will be busy getting the RVs safely in place.' +], [ 3, 'Registration Gate', 'H', 'Staff', 'Hours' ], [ 4, 'Shuttle Bus Operates', 'H', 'Stellafane East - Breezy Hill C +lubhouse', 'The Shuttle Bus makes two stops in Stellafane East; one b +y the Food Tent and one by the main Camping Area. See <a href="pdf/st +ellafane_east_5-15-11_CMYK.pdf">Stellafane East Site Map</a> (pdf). I +t makes one stop on Breezy Hill near the Clubhouse. CHARTER SERVICE: +Tips encouraged!' ], [ 5, 'Tee Shirt Booth in Tuthill Towers', 'H', 'Staff', 'Tee Shirt +s; hats; sweats; bumper stickers; and Raffle Tickets.' ], [ 6, 'Historic Clubhouse', 'H', 'Staff', 'The historic Pink Clubho +use is available for tours; talk; and shady relaxation.' ], [ 7, 'Porter Turret Telescope', 'H', 'Visit &amp; Observe', 'The P +orter Turret Telescope is open for tours and solar/stellar observing. +' ], [ 8, 'McGregor Observatory and Schupmann Telescope', 'H', 'Visit & +amp; Observe', 'The McGregor Observatory is open for tours and observ +ing through the Schupmann Telescope.' ], [ 9, 'Raffle Tickets at the Tee Shirt Booth', 'H', 'Staff', 'Purch +ase tickets for the famous Stellafane Raffle. Many thanks to our gene +rous donors!' ], [ 10, 'Ice Cream Shop in the Flanders Pavilion', 'H', 'Staff', 'Ho +t and muggy? Need a cool treat for yourself and the kids?.' ], [ 11, 'Breuning Observatory and Argentini Telescope', 'H', 'Staff' +, 'The domed Breuning Observatory with the Argentini Ritchey-Chretien + Telescope is open for tours and observing.' ], [ 12, 'Hartness House Workshop: Sub-Arcsecond Spatial Resolution I +maging', 'W', 'Symposium', 'Follow <a href="2016-hhw.html">this link< +/a> for Workshop and Dinner information. Separate registration and fe +es apply. We &#8217;ll also have an observing session with the Hartne +ss Turret Telescope (Weather permitting).' ], [ 13, 'Hartness-Porter ATM Museum Open', 'M', 'Free Admission', 'T +he Porter-Hartness Museum of Amateur Telescope Making is located in t +he underground rooms at the Hartness House Inn. <b>Admission is free< +/b>. Follow the signs in town to the Hartness House at 30 Orchard Str +eet of VT-143 (<a href="images/Stellafane-Conv-Map.jpg">Map</a>). Man +y of the items on display are by or about Russell W. Porter, includin +g the Springfield and Garden telescopes. His artwork traces his arcti +c exploration years to his work on the 200-inch Palomar telescope, cu +lminating in his famous cutaway drawings. Other items of interest inc +lude early telescopes and mirror making parts. Visitors may also be a +ble to inspect the Hartness Turret telescope (with a 10-inch Brashear + objective).' ], [ 14, 'Friday Evening Videos', 'E', 'Videos', 'Short astronomy doc +umentaries for the whole family.' ], [ 15, 'Friday Evening Informal Talks', 'M', 'If you wish to contri +bute a short talk during this session, please <a href="2016-informal- +talks.html ">register online</a>. Talks are limited to 10 minutes and + 20 slides. THE TIME LIMIT WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! A 35-mm slide p +rojector, overhead projector, VCR, and a digital projector will be av +ailable for your use.', 'Note that if you plan to use the digital pro +jector, you must bring your own laptop.' ], [ 16, 'Swap Tables', 'M', '7A-Noon', 'Swap Tables (at the northeas +t edge of the main camping/parking area) are provided to give amateur +s an opportunity to trade, buy or sell their surplus astronomical and + telescope related items.<p style="font-weight: bold; text-align: cen +ter">POLICY OF THE SPRINGFIELD TELESCOPE MAKERS REGARDING COMMERCIALI +SM <br>AND THE SWAP TABLES AT THE CONVENTION</p>The Springfield Teles +cope Makers, Inc. has clarified its policy regarding commercialism an +d Swap Table sales at the Stellafane convention. For the sake of hist +orical continuity, to preserve the uniqueness of the Stellafane conve +ntion and to encourage conventioneers to build their own instruments, + the Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. do not allow commercial sales +, of any kind, at the Stellafane convention. All swap table sales mus +t comply, in concept, with the above objective but are also specifica +lly subject to the following criteria:<ol><li>Only surplus astronomic +al, telescope and telescope-making related items may be sold.</li><li +>Each person will be allowed 16 square feet of table or ground space. +</li><li>Items which have the appearance of being specifically purcha +sed or manufactured for sale at the Swap Tables may not be sold.</li> +<li>All sales must take place within the designated Swap Table area o +nly between 7 a.m. and noon, the Saturday of the Stellafane conventio +n.</li></ol>The Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. may choose to gran +t a limited exception to the above policies to astronomy related orga +nizations for their fundraising. Any request for an exemption must be + made - in writing - at least one month prior to the convention. The +President of the Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. will notify the r +equesting organization in writing if a request is approved.<br> &nbsp +; <br>Any member of the Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. has the au +thority to determine whether a party is in compliance with the establ +ished regulations. Any person who is found to be in violation of the +stated policies will be required to comply. In the event compliance i +s not achieved: the offending party will be asked to leave the conven +tion and may be escorted from the premises by convention security.<br +> &nbsp; <br>The Springfield Telescope Makers encourages those with q +uestions regarding this policy to contact the Club via the Stellafane + web page (<a href=""></a>) +. During the convention any questions regarding this policy; the appr +opriateness of items being displayed; or any information being dissem +inated should be directed to a member of the Springfield Telescope Ma +kers.' ], [ 17, 'Saturday Evening Program &amp; Keynote Talk', 'M', 'Hours', + 'The evening program will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the hillside amphith +eater. In case of inclement weather the program will be held inside t +he Flanders Pavilion.' ], [ 18, 'Telescope Competition', 'C', 'Hours', 'Details are on the < +a href="">Telescope Com +petition Page</a> <b>Convention Highlight!</b>' ], [ 19, 'Breezy Hill Rocks!', 'E', 'Walking Tour', 'Johnson will giv +e a brief, basic background on the overall geology of the area near +the Pink Clubhouse and then guide the group around Breezy Hill identi +fying some of the cool rocks and minerals that can be found here.' ], [ 20, 'Free Time', 'E', 'Un-lax!', 'Run a little ragged by the man +y events? This hour is kept free for relaxation or a leisurely dinne +r.' ], [ 21, 'Observing Olympics Pin Awards', 'E', 'Award Distribution', +'Anyone who checks off 15 or more objects on the Observing Olympics L +ist may claim their pin.' ], [ 22, 'Convention Cleanup', 'E', 'Please clean up around your camp +site and parking area. All trash should be deposited in one of the la +rge dumpsters by the Food Tent or Exit Lane. Please make sure there a +re no obstacles to grass mowing in the fields - anything which might +be a hazard should be returned to the woods or taken to the dumpsters +. We welcome and appreciate help taking down rebar and string. Pile r +ebar and string on the side of the road where it will be easy for us +to find and pick up.', 'Thank you very much for making convention cle +anup easier on all of us.' ], [ 23, 'Solar Observing Hour', 'S', 'Hours', 'All attendees with so +lar filters or projection set-ups are encouraged to share the sun wit +h other attendees. The McGregor and Porter Turret will be set up for +solar observing as well.' ], [ 24, 'The Evolution of the Telescope', 'B', 'Talk', 'Join Carl as + he explores the telescope and its evolution though out history. We&# +39;ll explore the changes; the folks who helped bring them to fruitio +n; touch on some of the more peculiar designs; and how development of + the telescope helped form the knowledge of our universe we have toda +y.' ], [ 25, 'Solar System Walk', 'B', 'A Walk from the Sun to Nepture', +'To illustrate the vast size of outer space, the Springfield Telescop +e Makers have constructed a scale model of the solar system based on +the Sun being 12 inches in diameter. At that scale the Earth would be + approximately 107 feet from the Sun and just 1/10 of an inch in dia +meter. Jupiter would be 1.2 inches in diameter and approximately 560 +feet from the Sun. The &quot;Solar System Walk&quot; begins behind th +e Pink Clubhouse and proceeds down the road going towards the camping + area. At scale-model distances from the model Sun, there are station +s for each planet (with a a short description &amp; also built to sca +le). The Solar System walk can be taken on your own at any time durin +g the convention. However, a guided walk is available at the times me +ntioned above: docent Jessica Johnson will provide additional informa +tion about the "Solar System Walkquot; &amp; each planet.<br> &nbsp; +<br>The walk will take approximately 45 minutes if you walk all the w +ay to the planet Neptune, with a total distance of 3,232 feet or a li +ttle over half a mile.' ], [ 26, 'Introduction to Stellafane', 'B', 'For newcomers', 'Are you + familiar with these terms: &quot;The Pink&quot; or &quot;Tent Talks& +quot; or &quot;The Turret&quest;&quot; This presentation is for you i +f this is your first time attending the Stellafane convention or if y +ou are returning and want to learn more about who the Springfield Tel +escope Makers are and activities during the convention. Topics includ +e (among others): A short history of Stellafane; a description of our + site including the buildings and landmarks; descriptions of the sche +duled talks and activities; services available at Stellafane; local s +ervices off site. Kim &amp; Dennis will also answer any questions you + may have about the convention.' ], [ 27, 'Telescope Field Walk', 'B', 'Learn more about the competiti +on &#8217;scopes', 'During the Telescope Field Walk experienced Amate +ur Telescope Makers will guide small groups through the fields around + the Pink Clubhouse, where the telescopes that will be participating +in the mechanical competition will be set up. They will describe the +various types of optical designs and mounting configurations that wil +l be on display, point out the subtle details that go into award winn +ing telescopes and be available to answer your questions.' ], [ 28, 'Dipper Full of Stars', 'B', 'The sky', 'Using stunning imag +es of constellations, planets, and celestial objects, Sanderson will +lead an interpretive tour of the summer nighttime sky. He will descri +be how the sky appears to move throughout the night and from season t +o season, and explain the significance of the North Star. He will spe +culate about life on other worlds and show many of the prominent summ +er constellations. The presentation is aimed at beginners of all ages +.' ], [ 29, 'An Introduction to Telescopes For All Ages', 'B', 'About &# +8217;Scopes, Part 1', 'Adults and youngsters often become interested +in astronomy and acquiring a telescope for exploring the heavens. Wit +h the plethora of telescopes on the market, buying your first telesco +pe, or a telescope for a child, can be intimidating. In this program +Alan French will cover telescope basics (types, mounts, and eyepieces +), telescopes suitable for children in Part 1, and Glenn Chaple will +follow in the next hour to introduce you to what the novice can find +and see with a common backyard telescope.' ], [ 30, 'An Introduction to Telescopes For All Ages', 'B', 'About &# +8217;Scopes, Part 2', 'Glenn Chaple will immediately follow up on wha +t you learn in Part I of the "Introduction..." by explaining what th +e novice can find and see with a common backyard telescope.' ], [ 31, 'Observing Earth Satelites', 'I', 'The sky', 'Every astronom +er has, from time to time, noticed satellites crossing the night skie +s. Since the dawn of the Space Age low earth orbit has become quite c +luttered with these easily observable and fascinating objects. This t +alk is for both beginners and more seasoned amateur astronomers. Topi +cs include: observing basics, oldies but goodies, the ISS, the more c +hallenging geostationary satellites, and Apps and web sites to make o +bserving satellites fun and exciting.' ], [ 32, 'To Bino Or Not To Bino?', 'I', 'Constructing Large Binocula +rs', 'Have you ever stood by two 10-inch Dobsonian telescopes, side b +y side, and wondered: "<i>What if. . . ?</i>" This talk will cover pe +rsonal journey Paul took -- from conception to design requirements, c +ompromises, construction, and the unforgettable experiences of buildi +ng a 10-inch binocular telescope. There will be a chance to examine t +his Stellafane award winning instrument and ask questions. Since word +s don&#8217;t come close to the actual experience, all are invited to + come by the Pink Clubhouse at night and look through this one-of-a-k +ind instrument.' ], [ 33, 'Astronomy in Motion', 'I', 'Talk &amp; Demo', 'A single ima +ge captures an object in one moment. However, by adding the dimension + of time, we can study how the object interacts with its surroundings +. A single photo can be marvelous to look at, but movies can bring th +e subject to life. In his presentation, Al Takeda will discuss how to + make motion pictures of astronomical objects. Topics will include th +e subjects that lend themselves to movement, the type of telescopes a +nd lenses to use, cameras to use, and how to assemble the pictures to + create a movie. Al will demonstrate some of these techniques in real + time Friday evening only, using his own astro&hyphen;imaging system. +<br> &nbsp; <br>The evening demonstration will be presented next to t +he domed observatory.' ], [ 34, 'Chasing Shadows: Getting on Occultation Timing', 'I', 'Obse +rving challenges', 'Ted will focus on how asteroids sometimes interru +pt the passage of light from a star to our cameras or eyes. Such an e +vent is called an occultation and can last from a fraction of a seco +nd up to a good portion of a minute (for large asteroids like Ceres). + Measuring the duration of the disappearance turns out to be an inexp +ensive yet incredibly accurate way to measure the diameter of the ast +eroid. If the occultation event is recorded on video, tiny details in + the light curve can also tell us a lot about the star. We can learn +whether it is a binary system with components too close to be resolve +d optically and the relative brightness of each. Asteroid ring system +s have been discovered this way as well as indications that some aste +roids might have their own moons. Ted will describe how you can get s +tarted measuring occultations. He will show the results of some recen +t measurements, describe the techniques and equipment used and demons +trate the free software tools available to let you know where and whe +n to observe. Professional astronomers are waiting to use your measur +ements as an input to their studies of the Solar System origins.' ], [ 35, 'Human and Environmental Effects of LED Street Lighting', 'I +', 'Dark (not!) Skies', 'Light pollution is becoming a significant pr +oblem across the globe as more people recognize the loss of our herit +age of a beautiful night sky. In addition, over the past 20 years con +siderable evidence has accumulated that shows that the most important + reason to control light pollution may be our own health. Newer LED l +ighting can be a solution but only if designed properly, and limited +in excess blue emission. Light at night has been proposed as an expla +nation for the rise of certain human health issues, by glare and mela +tonin suppression. A considerable amount of research has firmly place +d this concept on the map as a real and very vexing problem. While cl +early it is not practical to imagine going back to a world without ni +ghttime lighting, we can and should demand that night lighting have p +roper shielding, and that our night lighting is designed in a way to +minimize deleterious human effects.' ], [ 36, 'Mirror Testing: See How It&#8217;s Really Done', 'I', 'Tele +scope Making Demo', 'You read about mirror testing, but its not easy +to visualize what it really looks like and how it is actually done. I +n this session, we will demonstrate a variety of mirror testing techn +iques, where you can see, hands-on, how Foucault, Ronchi, and null te +sting are performed, what the shadows and patterns look like, and how + to interpret them.' ], [ 37, 'Where Have All The (Bright) Novae Gone?', 'I', '<i><b> +d Why?</b></i>', 'In the first half of the 20th century, seven bright + novae were discovered. Since 1950 that figure is just one. In this t +alk, John will discuss the lack of recent bright novae discoveries an +d some of the possible explainations for this. Along the way, he will + also touch on what novae are and how you might search for them. He w +ill also recall the excitement of some of the bright novae discoverie +s of the past.' ], [ 38, 'White Dwarf Destroying A Planet', 'I', 'Amateur Roles in Pr +ofessional Astronomy', 'Last year analysis of data from the Kepler K2 + mission uncovered a strange signal from a white dwarf star - WD1145+ +017 - 570 light years away in Virgo. A grad student at Harvard, Andre +w Vandenburg, decided to look deeply into the abnormal photometric fl +ickering from this star, and realized he needed more info. Initially +he used Kepler and Mt Whipple data, but quickly realized much more mo +nitoring was needed. Andrew got several advanced amateurs to collect +photometric data on this object over the winter and spring of 2016. A +rmed with that data, an amazing story of a star that is destroying a +Ceres sized planetoid that is spiraling in to the star has emerged. F +or years it was not understood why some white dwarfs have heavy metal + signatures in their spectra, an astronomical mystery. Now that we ar +e catching a white dwarf in the act of <i>eating</i> a planet, with a + similar spectral signal from the star, we seem to have a mechanism o +f how this develops and evidence that this not a rare event. Dr. Mott +a will describe the science of why this is occurring, and the importa +nce of amateur professional collaboration in astronomy.' ], [ 39, 'Observing Programs of the AAVSO', 'I', 'Variable Stars', 'T +he president of the American Association of Variable Star Observers w +ill describe the wide variety of the organization&#39;s observing pro +grams, from visual binocular and telescopic observing through PEP, DS +LR, and CCD (with a sneak peak of what is coming in the future).' ], [ 40, 'Collimation and Maintenance of a Cassegrain-Type System', ' +A', 'Advanced Topics', 'Professional optician Phil will give us the l +owdown on the simple steps we can take to get the best performance fr +om these instruments by collimation and maintenance.' ], [ 41, 'Taking ATM Techniques To The APO Level', 'A', 'Advanced Top +ics', 'This presentation captures the journey into the realm of desig +n and construction of both a 6-inch f/15 and a 4-inch f/12 three-elem +ent oil-spaced apochromatic refractor, along with an analysis of the +design criteria required to optimize for a visual instrument. From hi +s personal perspective, Alan will share his remarkable account about +the motivation, collaboration, knowledge, and experience acquired by +a couple of passionate amateur telescope makers in their quest in bui +lding the ultimate refractor.' ], [ 42, 'The Golden Era of Soviet Astronomy', 'A', 'The Science of B +yurakan', 'Larry plans to share just some of the vast store of knowle +dge that has come out of the Byurakan Observatory. A lot of the knowl +edge of the science of astronomy that we take for granted now was dis +covered by Byurakan observers and scientists years ago. Viktor Ambart +sumian, for example, was an Einstein-level genius and his colleagues +and followers were and are extraordinary astronomers and scientists b +ut their work is largely unknown in amateur circles in the west.<br> +&nbsp; <br>The astronomers of Byurakan are still at it and have kindl +y assisted Larry with this presentation by providing little known inf +ormation.' ], [ 43, 'Astro Activities for Children', 'K', 'Hours', 'Four 1-hour +astronomy workshops geared to children ages 4 to 11. This year they a +re all related to our solar system. Each session has a different acti +vity. Held annually as Stellafane since 1995, these workshops are led + by Dr. Kristine Larsen, Professor of Astronomy at Central Connecticu +t State University and a member of the Springfield Telescope Makers. +<b>Because we have space limitations, each workshop is limited to 20 +children on a first-come basis.</b> Children younger than 4 are welco +me but will need help from a parent.' ], [ 44, 'Stellafane New Horizons Project', 'Y', 'Hours', 'Our progra +m will be modeling technology from the New Horizons probe which so sp +ectacularly flew by Pluto in 2015.<br>This will be a hands-on class w +here the group will work together to construct a New Horizons inspire +d system that will be demonstrated at the Convention. Each participan +t will have the opportunity to fine tune or modify their take home pr +oject during a special dinner hour session.<br><b>Attendance will be +first-come, first-served.</b> If you are 100% sure your teen will att +end convention and will want to attend this event, then your teen nee +ds to get on the list. Please email us directly at <a href="mailto:ro">robots&#64;</a>. Please make the s +ubject line read "New Horizons Registration." You will receive a (NON +-automated) reply to let you know your status. When space is filled, +we will add the next two names to a waiting list. If space is not fil +led through preregistration we will accept others first-come, first s +erved at the event, until the class is full.<br> PLEASE NOTE: There w +ill be a lot of specialized instruction so participants will need to +be on time!' ], [ 45, '&#8217;Scope Making For Teens', 'Y', 'Help build your own D +ob!', 'With Steve providing guidance, the group will build an 8-inch +Dobsonian Newtonian telescope. Teens aged 12-16 who take part in the +entire activity (stay the whole 90 minutes) will receive a special ra +ffle ticket. The winner of the telescope will be drawn at the Saturda +y night program. You must be present to win and must take the telesco +pe home with you (no shipping is available). PARTICPATION LIMITED to +the first 12 participants so arrive early!' ], [ 46, '&#8217;Scope Making Demo', 'T', 'Overview', 'This is a HAND +S-ON mirror making demonstration - Gain first-hand experience working + on mirrors at every stage of grinding, polishing and testing. Experi +enced ATMs will help explain each step of the process and answer any +questions you may have. Details of each one-hour session are listed b +y time.<br>The 24-inch mirror we have been working on for several yea +rs will be available for grinding - please sign the log book when you + work on it - <b>and also note that you can bring your own mirror for + testing between 2:00 and 4:00 PM either day.</b>' ]; my $insert2 = $db->prepare(<< '__SQL__'); INSERT INTO times (link_id, starttime, endtime, place, who, note, extr +a) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) __SQL__ $insert2->execute(@$_) for [ 1, '2016-08-04 12:00', '2016-08-04 16:00', 'Entry Gate', 'Staff' +, 'Please don&#8217;t arrive before Noon!', '' ], [ 2, '2016-08-04 15:00', '2016-08-04 22:00', 'Entry Gate', 'Staff' +, 'Please don&#8217;t arrive before 3pm!', '' ], [ 3, '2016-08-05 09:00', '2016-08-05 22:00', 'Entry Gate', 'Staff' +, 'Hours', 'Registration Gate in operation (open).' ], [ 3, '2016-08-06 07:00', '2016-08-06 19:00', 'Entry Gate', 'Staff' +, 'Hours', 'Registration Gate in operation (open).' ], [ 4, '2016-08-05 10:00', '2016-08-05 18:00', 'Bus Stops', 'Charter +ed', 'Bus Stops: Pine Island, Food Tent, Pink Clubhouse', 'Tips encou +raged' ], [ 5, '2016-08-05 09:00', '2016-08-05 18:00', 'Swag Shop', 'Staff', + 'You know you want a souvenir!', 'Hours' ], [ 5, '2016-08-06 09:00', '2016-08-06 18:00', 'Swag Shop', 'Staff', + 'Can you really go home without Stellafane memoribilia for yourself +and others?', 'Hours' ], [ 6, '2016-08-05 09:00', '2016-08-05 20:00', 'Clubhouse', 'Staff', + 'Sit where Porter sat.', 'Hours' ], [ 6, '2016-08-06 08:00', '2016-08-06 18:00', 'Clubhouse', 'Staff', + 'Enjoy a break!', 'Hours' ], [ 7, '2016-08-05 09:00', '2016-08-05 23:59', 'Porter Turret Telesc +ope', 'Hours', 'Members', 'The Porter Turret Telescope is open for to +urs and solar-stellar observing.' ], [ 7, '2016-08-06 08:00', '2016-08-06 18:00', 'Porter Turret Telesc +ope', 'Hours', 'Members', 'The Porter Turret Telescope is open for to +urs and solar-stellar observing.' ], [ 8, '2016-08-05 10:00', '2016-08-05 23:59', 'McGregor Observatory +', 'Members', 'Why is the &#8217;scope here so significant', 'Hours' +], [ 9, '2016-08-05 09:00', '2016-08-05 18:00', 'Raffle Tickets', 'St +aff','Hours', '' ], [ 9, '2016-08-06 09:00', '2016-08-06 18:00', 'Raffle Tickets', 'St +aff', 'Hours', '' ], [ 10, '2016-08-05 10:00', '2016-08-05 18:00', 'Ice Cream Shop', 'S +taff', 'Hours', '' ], [ 10, '2016-08-06 10:00', '2016-08-06 18:00', 'Ice Cream Shop', 'S +taff', 'Hours', '' ], [ 11, '2016-08-05 14:00', '2016-08-05 18:00', 'Breuning Observator +y', 'Staff', 'Hours', '' ], [ 11, '2016-08-05 21:00', '2016-08-05 23:59', 'Breuning Observator +y', 'Staff', 'Hours', '' ], [ 11, '2016-08-06 14:00', '2016-08-06 18:00', 'Breuning Observator +y', 'Staff', 'Hours', '' ], [ 11, '2016-08-06 21:00', '2016-08-06 23:59', 'Breuning Observator +y', 'Staff', 'Hours', '' ], [ 12, '2016-08-04 08:30', '2016-08-04 17:00', 'Hartness House', 'T +om Spirok', 'Workshop (Separate Registration)', '' ], [ 12, '2016-08-04 18:00', '2016-08-04 20:00', 'Hartness House', 'T +om Spirok', 'Dinner (Separate Registration)', '' ], [ 13, '2016-08-05 17:00', '2016-08-05 20:00', 'Hartness House', 'B +ert Willard, Curator', '', '' ], [ 13, '2016-08-07 09:00', '2016-08-07 12:00', 'Hartness House', 'B +ert Willard, Curator', '', '' ], [ 14, '2016-08-05 19:00', '2016-08-05 20:30', 'Flanders Pavilion', + '', 'Astronomy documentaries for the whole family', '' ], [ 15, '2016-08-05 20:30', '2016-08-05 TillDone', 'Flanders Pavilio +n', 'MC: Bruce Beford', 'Short presentations by Convention Attendees' +, '' ], [ 16, '2016-08-06 07:00', '2016-08-06 12:00', 'Swap Table Area - N +orth of Main Camping Area', '', '', '<b>Please read the policy, below +, carefully.</b.' ], [ 17, '2016-08-06 19:00', 'About 2016-08-06 21:00', 'Amphitheater +(Bad weather alterate: Flanders Pavilion)', '', 'Includes Keynote, Sh +adowgram, Raffle &amp; Awards', '' ], [ 18, '2016-08-05 17:00', '2016-08-05 20:00', 'Clubhouse', '', 'Op +tical and Mechanical Registration', 'Registration' ], [ 18, '2016-08-05 22:00', '2016-08-05 23:00 (approx)', 'Fields aro +und Clubhouse', '', 'Optical Competition Starts', '' ], [ 18, '2016-08-06 08:00', '2016-08-06 09:30', 'Clubhouse', '', 'Me +chanical (and Optical if needed) Registration', ' Registration' ], [ 18, '2016-08-06 10:00', '2016-08-06 13:00', 'Fields around Clubh +ouse', '', 'Mechanical Competition', ' Mechanical' ], [ 18, '2016-08-06 22:00', 'About 2016-08-06 23:00', 'Fields around + Clubhouse', '', '', 'Optical Competition IF not held/completed Frida +y' ], [ 19, '2016-08-05 15:00', '2016-08-05 16:00', 'Meet at Pink Clubho +use', 'Jessica Johnson', 'A Geology Tour', '' ], [ 20, '2016-08-05 17:00', '2016-08-05 19:00', 'Relax or Enjoy Dinn +er', '', 'No on-site talks or demos scheduled', '' ], [ 20, '2016-08-06 18:00', '2016-08-06 19:00', 'Relax or Enjoy Dinn +er', '', 'No on-site talks or demos scheduled', '' ], [ 21, '2016-08-06 21:00', '2016-08-05 23:30', 'McGregor Observator +y', '', 'Pick up your Observing Olympics Pin', '' ], [ 22, '2016-08-07 08:00', '2016-08-07 12:00', '<i>Please clean up +around your campsite</i>', 'YOU!', '', 'Please put trash in the dumps +ters' ], [ 23, '2016-08-05 13:00', '2016-08-05 14:00', 'Observing Fields', +'', 'Please set up your Solar &#8217;Scope and Share', '' ], [ 23, '2016-08-06 14:00', '2016-08-06 15:00', 'Observing Fields', +'', 'Please set up your Solar &#8217;Scope and Share', '' ], [ 24, '2016-08-05 11:00', '2016-08-05 12:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Carl Malikowski', '', '' ], [ 25, '2016-08-05 13:00', '2016-08-05 14:00', 'Meet at Green Shed +near Clubhouse', 'Jessica Johnson', '', '' ], [ 25, '2016-08-06 13:00', '2016-08-06 14:00', 'Meet at Green Shed +near Clubhouse', 'Jessica Johnson', '', '' ], [ 26, '2016-08-05 16:00', '2016-08-05 17:00', 'McGregor Observator +y Library', 'Kim &amp; Dennis Cassia', '', '' ], [ 26, '2016-08-06 11:00', '2016-08-06 12:00', 'McGregor Observator +y Library', 'Kim &amp; Dennis Cassia', '', '' ], [ 27, '2016-08-06 10:00', '2016-08-05 TillDone', 'Meet at Front of + Clubhouse', 'Carl Malikowski', '', '' ], [ 28, '2016-08-06 10:00', '2016-08-06 11:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Richard Sanderson', '', '' ], [ 29, '2016-08-06 15:00', '2016-08-06 16:00', 'McGregor Library', +'Alan French', '', '' ], [ 30, '2016-08-06 16:00', '2016-08-06 17:00', 'McGregor Library', +'Glenn Chaple', '', '' ], [ 31, '2016-08-05 13:00', '2016-08-05 14:00', 'McGregor Library', +'Rich Nugent', '', '' ], [ 32, '2016-08-05 13:00', '2016-08-05 14:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Paul Courtemanche', '', '' ], [ 33, '2016-08-05 14:00', '2016-08-06 15:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Al Takeda', 'Talk', '' ], [ 33, '2016-08-05 20:00', '2016-08-05 21:00', 'Near Domed Observat +ory', 'Al Takeda', 'Demo', '' ], [ 34, '2016-08-05 15:00', '2016-08-05 16:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Ted Blank', '', '' ], [ 35, '2016-08-05 16:00', '2016-08-05 17:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Mario Motta, M.D.', '', '' ], [ 36, '2016-08-06 11:00', '2016-08-06 12:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Douglas Arion, PhD', '', '' ], [ 37, '2016-08-06 13:00', '2016-08-06 14:00', 'McGregor Library', +'John O&#8217;Neill', '', '' ], [ 38, '2016-08-06 13:00', '2016-08-06 14:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Mario Motta, M.D.', 'How Pro-Am Collaboration Helped Solve A Myster +y: ', '' ], [ 39, '2016-08-06 16:30', '2016-08-05 17:30', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Kris Larsen', '', '' ], [ 40, '2016-08-05 15:00', '2016-08-05 16:00', 'McGregor Library', +'Phil Rounesville', '', '' ], [ 41, '2016-08-06 14:00', '2016-08-06 15:00', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Alan Ward', '', '' ], [ 42, '2016-08-06 15:00', '2016-08-06 16:30', 'Flanders Pavilion', + 'Larry Mitchell', '', '' ], [ 43, '2016-08-05 11:00', '2016-08-05 12:00', 'McGregor Observator +y Library', 'Kris Larsen', 'Ages 4-11; Limited to first 20', 'Models +of the Moon' ], [ 43, '2016-08-05 14:00', '2016-08-05 15:00', 'McGregor Observator +y Library', 'Kris Larsen', 'Ages 4-11; Limited to first 20', 'Models +of Comets (and Real Meteorites' ], [ 43, '2016-08-06 10:00', '2016-08-06 11:00', 'McGregor Observator +y Library', 'Kris Larsen', 'Ages 4-11; Limited to first 20', 'Models +of the Planets' ], [ 43, '2016-08-06 14:00', '2016-08-06 15:00', 'McGregor Observator +y Library', 'Kris Larsen', 'Ages 4-11; Limited to first 20', 'Models +of the Sun' ], [ 44, '2016-08-05 13:00', '2016-08-05 17:00', 'Bunkhouse', 'Paul F +ucile and James Lee', '(Teens 12-16)<i class="YellowHighlight">(Requi +res Signup)</i>', 'Modeling technology from the New Horizons' ], [ 45, '2016-08-06 11:00', '2016-08-06 12:30', 'Bunkhouse', '"Starg +azer" Steve Dodson', 'Ages 12-16', 'Build-a-Dob Time' ], [ 46, '2016-08-05 10:00', '2016-08-05 16:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Ray Morits', 'Fri. ATM Demo Hours - Details by time are below' +, 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-06 10:00', '2016-08-06 16:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Ray Morits', 'Sat. ATM Demo Hours - Details by time are below' +, 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-05 10:01', '2016-08-05 10:30', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Ray Morits', 'Intro &amp; Rough Grinding', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-06 10:01', '2016-08-06 10:30', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Ray Morits', 'Intro &amp; Rough Grinding', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-05 10:30', '2016-08-05 11:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Rick Hunter', 'Fine Grinding', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-06 10:30', '2016-08-06 11:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Rick Hunter', 'Fine Grinding', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-05 11:00', '2016-08-05 13:30', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Junie Esslinger', 'Making Dental Stone Tools', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-06 11:00', '2016-08-06 11:30', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Junie Esslinger', 'Making Dental Stone Tools', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-05 11:30', '2016-08-05 12:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Phil Rounseville', 'Making Pitch Laps', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-06 11:30', '2016-08-06 12:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Phil Rounseville', 'Making Pitch Laps', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-05 13:00', '2016-08-05 14:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Dave Groski', 'Polishing &amp; Figuring', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-06 13:00', '2016-08-06 14:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Dave Groski', 'Polishing &amp; Figuring', 'TM Demo' ], [ 46, '2016-08-05 14:00', '2016-08-05 16:00', 'Mirror Lab Room in +Pavilion', 'Dave Kelly', 'Testing (Bring your own mirror)', 'Testing +(Bring your own mirror)' ], [ 46, '2016-08-06 14:00', '2016-08-06 16:00', 'Tent north of Pavil +ion', 'Ken Slater', 'Dobsonian Basics', 'TM Demo' ];

And, for those who are wondering 'why is that idiot working so hard on producing correct input and output for an event that's gone by? .... well, I've been asked to take over producing the sked and wanted to produce future editions using a db and Perl rather than simply trying to stuff new data into the previous .php (multi-thousand-line) implementation.

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