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Re^2: Pie Explosion

by 1nickt (Abbot)
on Mar 01, 2017 at 15:56 UTC ( #1183297=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Pie Explosion
in thread Pie Explosion

Yep. Myself, I was assuming that the reason he hasn't yet commented on this thread is because he's busy working on the manuscript.

BTW ... 300-400 thousand RPis a month!??

The way forward always starts with a minimal test.

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Re^3: Pie Explosion
by stevieb (Abbot) on Mar 02, 2017 at 01:41 UTC

    Hey 1nickt,

    Nope, not writing a manuscript, but fixing issues and documentation problems that I'm starting to become littered with in my email based on people opening issues on the repositories. I like it. It means people are using the Perl software, and there's a steady increase in interest in using Perl on the RPi.

    I'm also currently doing low-level C code on different ICs on my Arduino Uno(s). I write the C against there (as it is much faster to prototype), then I port the C for the Pi, create any voltage divider-type fixes for 5v to 3.3v, and then wrap with XS so it's available to us.

    I'm gathering up a staggering number of different chips, simply because I'm loving reading the datasheets, and figuring it out on my own, but of course, with much help and guidance from others.

    To get a deep knowledge of hardware register bit manipulation, I wrote Bit::Manip. That helped me comprehend counting in binary (especially because I was writing tests before the code)*, and thought that the knowledge gained would potentially make other Perl hacker's lives easier in the future.

    I've acquired a couple of these (Trinket Pro) so I can keep my testing as small as possible, and then five of these (RPi Zero w/wifi!), from a friendly vendor that had them in reserve stock and I explained what my purpose was.

    It's all about learning for me, and as Monks know, I put everything Open Source (always the same license as Perl itself**).

    I think learning about electronics is pretty important, and if we can easily do it with Perl, I've got Perl's back ;)

    * bootnote: Beyond understanding binary counting due to extensive experience with IPv4 and IPv6 IP address space manipulation.

    ** bootnote: There is only one software I've ever released that doesn't conform to the Perl license; berrybrew. It contains a BSD license, which I can't avoid, as I acquired this project. My projects will always carry a loud warning if it isn't licensed like Perl, and usually, it's discussed here first. If ANY of my code requires any license beyond Artistic (or any Perl-allowed license), you'll find a prominent warning in the POD, most likely right up front.

Re^3: Pie Explosion
by perldigious (Curate) on Mar 01, 2017 at 16:03 UTC

    It is an impressively large number regardless, but I'm wondering if that's not counting ALL units shipped for all their boards, not necessarily just sales of their Raspberry Pi x Model y boards. It's possible their "Industrial Compute Modules" are actually making it in to end products which could play a huge part in that number. Of course I'm purely speculating.

    Just another Perl hooker - Selling my %hash for $cash.

      The interview didn't provide a breakout by model.


      There's never enough time to do it right, but always enough time to do it over...

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