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[PPM (Perl Package Manager)] Installing multiple modules from a single ppd file

by syphilis (Chancellor)
on Mar 28, 2017 at 10:17 UTC ( #1186234=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
syphilis has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Here follows a post I sent to ActiveState's ppm mailing list about 24 hours ago:


Is it possible to have the one ppd file download, unpack and install more than one tarred and gzipped blib file.

That is, instead of having just one "<CODEBASE HREF= ..." line, I'm looking for the option of having multiple such "<CODEBASE HREF=...." lines present in the one ppd file, such that a number of different tarred and gzipped blib files are dowwnloaded, unpacked and installed.

Possible ? ... or do I have to put the additional files into their own separate ppm distro and pull them in with "DEPENDENCY NAME".

Btw, is there a difference between DEPENDENCY NAME and REQUIRE NAME ?


It's a very low volume mailing list, and no replies yet.
So I thought I might repeat the post here.

I've a vague notion that, at some time in the past, I've come across a ppd file that would install multiple perl modules, but I'm currently unable to locate such an example.

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Re: [PPM (Perl Package Manager)] Installing multiple modules from a single ppd file
by beech (Vicar) on Mar 28, 2017 at 10:49 UTC


    Not sure exactly why a regular ppd isn't up to task, but have you seen

    make_ppm_bundle - make a bundle of ppm packages ?

    It sounds promising

      It sounds promising

      Yeah ... except that I don't really want to install multiple modules ;-)
      What I'm wanting to do, for Gtk2::WebKit is, firstly, to install the perl-version-specific binary:
      <CODEBASE HREF=" +gz" />
      But then I also want to install the (32-bit) dlls upon which that module depends - something like:
      <CODEBASE HREF=" +.gz" />
      where the latter command downloads and unpacks a blib that has nothing other than various 32-bit win32 dlls in blib/script - and promptly installs those dlls into $Config{sitebin}.

      That latter command will be the same for all 32-bit win32 perl versions.

      Admittedly, I could just include the contents of that second blib in with the first blib, but then every 32-bit package that I upload to my repo will have the same 24MB of gzipped dlls.
      For me, it's the difference between having to upload 24 x 25MB of tarballs, and having to upload 24 x 1MB of tarballs plus 2 x 24MB tarballs (one for each of 32-bit and 64-bit dlls).
      And bear in mind that I live in rural Australia where third world class (probably even worse) internet connections are the rule.

      Thanks for the reply - and I probably should check your link in case there is something useful there.

      I can achieve what I want using a post-install script. I'd prefer not to do it that way (as it's a bit of a kludge in comparison to "CODEBASE HREF") but I'll do it that way if I have to.



        Why not a simple dependency on Alien-Sisyphusion-Gtk2WebKitdlls?

        Something like  <DEPENDENCY NAME="Alien-Sisyphusion-Gtk2WebKitdlls" />

        Or since the dependency keyword is deprecated long time  <REQUIRE NAME="Alien-Sisyphusion-Gtk2WebKitdlls" />

        Then later in Alien-Sisyphusion-Gtk2WebKitdlls.ppd

        <SOFTPKG NAME="Alien-Sisyphusion-Gtk2WebKitdlls" VERSION="0" DATE="2 +017-03-28"> <ABSTRACT> Extra DLLS for Gtk2::WebKit </ABSTRACT> <PROVIDE NAME="Alien::Sisyphusion::Gtk2WebKitdlls" VERSION="1.3"/> <IMPLEMENTATION> <CODEBASE HREF=" +ls.tar.gz" /> </IMPLEMENTATION> </SOFTPKG>

        And maybe in Alien/Sisyphusion/ you list the urls/files/versions... or not:)

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