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Hi: Don't we all cut and paste from the internet or our own old code or code on CD's that come with textbooks? Yes we do.

use manageusers qw(LoggedOn_user_id);

Software error:

"LoggedOn_user_id" is not exported by the manageusers module
Can't continue after import errors at update_tables-development.cgi line 30
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at update_tables-development.cgi line 30.

BEGIN { use vars qw($VERSION @ISA @EXPORT); use DBI; # $ENV{DBI_TRACE}=1; # $ENV{PERL_DBI_DEBUG}=1; require Exporter; @ISA = qw(Exporter); # exported functions our @EXPORT_OK = qw( &OpenConnection &OpenSession &ProcessLoginRequest &ProcessLostDataRequest &LoginUser &decodeEncryptedPassName &UpdateUserData &GetUserLostData &LogoutUser &GetUserSessionCookie &CheckForAuthorizedUser &Expires $attempts $adminaccess $LoggedOn_user_id <<<<<<---------------------- &Now &CheckValidLoginChar &CheckValidEmailChar &print_md5_javascript); $VERSION = '0.0.1'; }