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#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use warnings; my $url = ""; my $path = "/home/me/RT/rt_scrape.html"; open PATH, "> $path" or die $!; my $counter; while (defined $url) { my %hash; my $html = qx(curl "$url"); undef($url); if ($html =~ m/href="(\/listing\/category.inland\/prepare\/last-news\/ +\d+">)Weiter/) { $url = "" . $1; } my @row = split(/\n/,$html); foreach (@row){ if ($html =~ m/href="(\/inland\/\d+\-.*?\/" class="cover__link + link ">)/g) { my $articles_url = "" . $1; $hash{$articles_url} = 1; } } foreach (keys %hash){ $counter++; my $article = qx(curl $_); open PATH, "> /home/me/RT/$counter.txt" or die $!; print "\n\tFetching\n$_\n"; print PATH "$article"; close PATH; } }

I am a Perl newbie and I am trying to scrape the archive with all of the inland articles. Some articles are downloaded, but the files are empty.

The error message in the terminal is: "Fetching" class="cover__link link "> sh: 1: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string"

So my script starts downloading the articles, but then something happens.. Can you please help me to write a functional script?