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Re: What is a troll?

by sundialsvc4 (Abbot)
on May 17, 2017 at 16:02 UTC ( #1190475=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to What is a troll?

PerlMonks is one of the oldest online international programming communities on the Internet.   It attracts all kinds of people – most of whom are opinionated.   But, if you want to know anything about the Perl language, this is the “go to” place ... and that, in the end, is the true point of it all.   Not trolling, or judging other people, and certainly not politics.   The site will never be marginalized, and neither will Perl, because both serve a valuable ongoing purpose.

You decide if things like experience-points matter to you.   If you play a game to get the high-score, go for that high score and stand proudly when they crown you Pope.   Otherwise, forget about it, and just stay focused on that soul who has a question ... who is dead in the water with Hell breathing down his neck ... and who needs the proper answer fast.   That person is why PerlMonks exists, and that person, more than anyone else, is who it serves.

You will find that you actually have very little time to spend on questions like, “What is a troll?”

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Re^2: What is a troll?
by marto (Archbishop) on May 18, 2017 at 10:41 UTC

    "You decide if things like experience-points matter to you."

    You've expended a great deal of time complaining here in many threads that you've been downvoted and lost XP.

    "just stay focused on that soul who has a question ... who is dead in the water with Hell breathing down his neck ... and who needs the proper answer fast"

    The answers you give here are by far absolutely terrible advice, you're repeatedly called out for giving the same tired incorrect advice, but you make no apology for regurgitating it time and time again. The only reason Worst Nodes isn't full of your name is because you stopped posting between 28/10/2015 and 12/05/2017.

      Chuckle ...   Let’s not go there, shall we?

      Like I said:   the true focus of PerlMonks, even “almost two decades later,” still is(!):   “the poor soul who has a question.”

      (It isn’t:   “the petty-politics of the participants who answer those questions.”)

      And the merit of PerlMonks, perhaps in spite of itself, is that it is still the very best(!) place on the Internet to go for answers relevant to this particular area of interest.   (“If you desperately need a best-answer, go here and nowhere else.”)

      So ... “these supplicants” are our customers, and “the trolls,” frankly, are irrelevant.

      If you “give great answers, as best you can,” you can’t go wrong ... on this or any other forum on Earth.   Stay focused on just one thing:   “giving great answers to those who need the great answers that you know how to give.”   Forget the rest of it.

        Again, a perfect example of your absolute nonsense.

        'If you “give great answers, as best you can,” you can’t go wrong'

        Your answers, technical and otherwise, are not great; far from it. Anyone, desperate or otherwise, who gives your responses the time of day is going to be worse off. Simply by posting terrible answers, while perhaps the best you can do, does not either make them great or mean you can't go wrong. On the contrary, you are repeatedly proven wrong yet you post the same incorrect advice again and again, regardless.

        'Let’s not go there, shall we?'

        An unsurprising response from you, on another charm offensive about how good this site is; yet your post history and continued behaviour show exactly what you are; as you say:

        “the trolls,” frankly, are irrelevant.

        An alternative would be for you to actually practice what you preach, but given your long history of the opposite behaviour I doubt we'll ever see a positive contribution from you.

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