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The name attribute is to be used on button, fieldset, form, iframe, input, keygen, map, meta, object, output, param , select, and textarea. Using the name attribute on anything else will lead to poor HTML.

You forgot a which is the most common tag for which the name attribute is valid. <a></a> is anchor and it is used as <a href="$url">link text</a> and <a name="anchor_name">anchor in text</a> to mark an anchor in a page whose href would then be <a href="$url#anchor_name">target text</a>.

So, For Lady_Aleena ([href://?node_id=535366#Lady_Aleena|For Lady_Aleena]) links to the copy of this node marked as <a name="Lady_Aleena">For Lady Aleena</a> on my scratchpad. This is described on What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?.

You cannot link to a id or to any tag for which the name attribute is valid and set, only to an anchor (<a name="foo">foo</a>).

Sorry for the impromptu lesson on HTML and PerlMonks markup. :-D

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