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Dear PerlMonks,

I have found that I can print some Unicode characters to stdout but not all. I'm not sure why there is a difference.

I am using perl 5.22 under Cygwin on a 64-bit Windows 10 PC.

My code excerpt is as follows:

binmode(STDOUT, ":utf8"); binmode(STDERR, ":utf8"); print length("\N{LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A}\N{COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT}"), +"\n"; print "\N{LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A}\N{COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT}", "\n"; my $smiley_from_name = "\N{WHITE SMILING FACE}"; my $smiley_from_code_point = "\N{U+263a}"; print $smiley_from_name, "\n"; print $smiley_from_code_point, "\n"; my $dui = "\N{U+5C0D}"; print $dui, "\n"; die "\n", "\N{U+5C0D}", "\N{U+4E0D}", "\N{U+8D77}", ", the file $targe +t_file does not exist.\n\n" unless -e $target_file;
What I get is the following:


???, the file yyy does not exist.

What I expected to get was the following:


對不起, the file yyy does not exist.

So I am unable to figure out why some code points work just fine while others display only as ?.

Any suggestions?