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Manifest - A tool for matching EMC Symmetrix/VMAX Volumes to WWNs

by bpoag (Monk)
on Jun 07, 2017 at 20:49 UTC ( #1192304=CUFP: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Still living in the 90's? Do you treat modern storage technologies like deduplication and compression with Amish-like suspicion, bitterness and disdain? Then EMC's VMAX AF line is the choice for you--For the rest of us here in the present, we have to find ways of keeping this thing propped up on life support. One of the more irritating aspects of EMC's VMAX line is the fact that, amazingly there is no single CLI command to display a simple table relating volume names to WWNs. Rather than wait for EMC to provide this functionality (or, preferably, sunset the VMAX line alltogether) I've written a simple wrapper in Perl that provides this functionality.
#!/usr/bin/perl ## ## Volume label to WWN/NAA manifest generator for VMAX arrays written +060717:1523 by Bowie J. Poag ## $DEBUG=1; $SID=$ARGV[0]; if ($SID eq "") { print "Manifest: No array specified. Exiting..\n\n"; } @dump=`symdev -sid $SID list -identifier device_name`; foreach $item (@dump) { chomp($item); $item=~s/\s+/ /g; @temp=split(" ",$item); $symDev=$temp[0]; $canonicalName=$temp[2]; if ($canonicalName=~/ACLX/) ## Special exception for gatekeeper LUN +s.. { $canonicalName=$temp[3]; } if (length($symDev)==5 && $symDev=~/[0-9a-fA-F]/ && $canonicalName +ne "") { $deviceHash{$symDev}{canonicalName}=$canonicalName; } } @dump=`symdev -sid $SID list -wwn`; foreach $item (@dump) { chomp($item); $item=~s/\s+/ /g; @temp=split(" ",$item); $symDev=$temp[0]; $WWN=$temp[4]; if (length($symDev)==5 && $symDev=~/[0-9a-fA-F]/ && length($WWN) > + 10) { $deviceHash{$symDev}{WWN}=$WWN; $suffix=substr $WWN,length($WWN)-4,4; $deviceHash{$symDev}{suffix}=$suffix; } } foreach $x (sort keys %deviceHash) { print "SID: [$SID] SymDev: [$x] Full WWN: [$deviceHash{$x}{WWN}] WW +N/NAA Suffix: [$deviceHash{$x}{suffix}] Name: [$deviceHash{$x}{canoni +calName}]\n"; }

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Re: Manifest - A tool for matching EMC Symmetrix/VMAX Volumes to WWNs
by pritesh_ugrankar (Beadle) on Jun 15, 2017 at 14:08 UTC


    Glad to see VMAX related scripts here!! I used to work on VMAX. Miss those days. :)

    So do you use Perl to write all your scripts? Which version of OS and perl are you on? I know it doesn't have to do anything with the script but the symcli guy in me just had to ask. :)

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