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(OT) Re^3: from txt file to array

by chacham (Prior)
on Jun 22, 2017 at 20:35 UTC ( #1193320=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: from txt file to array
in thread from txt file to array

With all due respect, this is a software discussion forum. There is a time and a place for displaying your political opinions. This is not it.

Liberals tend to believe their views are "normal," so asking for anything else is asking for a favor. He won't change. So, i just mod down his posts when i come across them, as i would anyone with a political opinion where it does not belong. Quite a few monks have outspoken political views, but it is rare that they make it part of their signature.

Other than that, he's a pretty cool monk.

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Re^4: from txt file to array
by 1nickt (Abbot) on Jun 23, 2017 at 15:51 UTC

    And then there is placing your political views and opinions about others' in the content of your post ...

    The way forward always starts with a minimal test.

      Cute. :) But in this off-topic sub-thread, i believe that is actually on-topic.

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