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Hello, dear perl monks!

I have a problem with regexp. Code looks like

my $regexp = "(?:ftp:\/\/)?\/{5}(a-z_)\/"; my $link = " +odes_scapularis/ixodes_scapularis_incl_consequences.vcf.gz"; if ($link =~ /$regexp/) { print "Captured info: $1 \n"; }

What I wanted to say with this regexp: either match or don't match "ftp://" a without capturing, then match the front slash exactly five times, after this capture all characters a-z or underscore before the next front slash. So in this exact case I would expect the regexp to match and $1 to return "ixodes_scapularis". However, if block seems to fail (nothing is printed).

What am I doing wrong? (I guess there could be several mistakes)