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Re^20: High Performance Game of Life (updated - results)

by marioroy (Prior)
on Aug 16, 2017 at 13:33 UTC ( [id://1197501]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^19: High Performance Game of Life (updated - results)
in thread High Performance Game of Life

Thank you, eyepopslikeamosquito. I reverted the failing optimization.

To be sure, I ran the improved test script against the following. All passing, including the two involving bit manipulations.

$ perl 500000 -900000 100 >x.tmp 2>y.tmp $ perl x.tmp 2 mem size v5.26.0 v5.24.2 v5.22.4 cperl infinite 7,548 MB 122 secs 119 secs 133 secs 116 secs original 704 MB 167 secs 168 secs 180 secs 163 secs improvements 744 MB 57 secs 57 secs 63 secs 54 secs optimized i2 1,543 MB 38 secs 39 secs 40 secs 36 secs 2 nums into 1 1,510 MB 39 secs 40 secs 42 secs 37 secs shorter impl 1,661 MB 40 secs 42 secs 44 secs 37 secs

It's been an interesting ride and learned a lot of things about Perl.

Regards, Mario

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