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Re: Learning Emacs

by Sweeper (Pilgrim)
on Oct 19, 2001 at 09:46 UTC ( #119887=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Learning Emacs

Do you know that John Tobey has written two modules that allow you to use Perl inside Emacs procedures? You still need to learn Emacs-Lisp, but you do not write Lisp programs. You write Perl programs that call Emacs-Lisp functions.

One additional note: I could not install Perlmacs, but one the other side EPL runs fine on my Emacs.

Another additional note: for very short functions, just use Lisp. But for more than, say, 5 or 6 lines, I prefer to use Perl with EPL.

Oops, I forgot John Tobey's:

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