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Re^3: How do you match a stretch of at least N characters

by paisani (Acolyte)
on Sep 13, 2017 at 20:43 UTC ( #1199349=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: How do you match a stretch of at least N characters
in thread How do you match a stretch of at least N characters

Is this what you were looking for? The longest matching DNA string? You can save the max length found below to get your result.


Found match of length (102) at position(506, 0):


my $i=-1; while(++$i < length($reference_str)) { my $j=-1; while(++$j < length($small_str)) { my $length = 9; my $match=undef; while ( $i+$length < length($reference_str) and $j+$length < length($small_str) and compareSnippet($i, $j, ++$length) ) { $match++; } if ( $match) { $length--; print "Found match of length ($length) at position($i, $j): +\n"; print substr($reference_str, $i, $length) . "\n"; print substr($small_str, $j, $length). "\n"; $i+= $length; $j+= $length; next; } } } sub compareSnippet { my ( $pos_i, $pos_j, $length) = @_; my $ref = substr($reference_str, $pos_i, $length); my @ref_arr = sp +lit('', $ref); my $small = substr($small_str, $pos_j, $length); my @small_arr = sp +lit('', $small); return undef if length($ref) < $length or length($small) < $length; return equal(\@ref_arr, \@small_arr); } sub equal { my ($first, $second) = @_; my $mismatch=0; foreach my $i (0..(@$first-1)) { $mismatch++ if $first->[$i] ne $second->[$i]; return undef if $mismatch > 1; } # print "Woo! (@$first, @$second)\n" if $mismatch == 0; return 1; }

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