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Fellow monks,

I have to build a very small (128x32) black/white (no grayscale) image, which should contains small text (between 8 to 15 pixel height, the lower the better) that might have some unicode letters in it.

I need to be able to display clearly letters like , and (both uppercase and lowercase), but support for other languages like arabic, chinese and so on is welcome (I expect I will have to dynamically increase the font size in those cases)

So far I've tried GD, but I found no way to make it work with unicode letters, so I moved to something else.

Imager is far better, I make it work with unifont.tff, but either the fact that is a true-type font or that is not designed for be used so small, or because the lack of antialiasing, the results are not very easy to read, and too big anyways.

do you have suggestions about which font to use with Imager? or if I should change aproach?

thanks in advance