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Indexed Flat File databases (for ISAM, NoSQL, Perl Embedded databases)

by erichansen1836 (Acolyte)
on Oct 08, 2017 at 15:13 UTC ( #1200947=CUFP: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

TOPIC: FAST!! Random Access Indexed, Relational Flat File Databases, Indexed by external Perl SDBM databases of key/value pairs tied to program "in memory" hash tables, where the Key in the Key/Value Pair is one or more fields and/or partial fields concatenated together (separated by a delimiter such as a pipe "|") and contained within the Flat File records for you to arbitrarily seek to a single record or a sorted/related group of records within your database.

Since it has been over 2 years ago since I first posted about this TOPIC I discovered, I wanted to alert the Perl community to the original thread where you can find Perl source code now for examples of how to implement Joint Database Technology/Methodology. Inparticular the King James Bible Navigator software DEMO I posted which used FlatFile/SDBM for its database. I have made this a native Windows GUI application (TreeView/RichEdit COMBO interface) to demonstrate how to show your end-users a summary of the information of the data contained within a database, and allow them to drill down to a small amount of specific information (e.g. verses within a single book/chapter) for actual viewing (and retrieving from the database). The TreeView Double Click Event was originally written to random access the first verse within a chapter, then sequentially access the remaining verses within a chapter - performing a READ for each verse. I posted a separate modified TreeView Double Click Event for you to insert into the Application which reads an entire chapter in one (1) giant READ, breaking out the individual verses (into an array) using the UNPACK statement. -- Eric

Joint Database Technology:

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Re: Indexed Flat File databases (for ISAM, NoSQL, Perl Embedded databases)
by erix (Parson) on Oct 08, 2017 at 16:09 UTC

    Here one can see what two years worth of improvement can and should be, taking a real database as example (an example just as free, undoubtedly more reliable, probably just as fast, and not read-only):

      All you need to know is about the effort that went into the OP.


      You can lead your users to water, but alas, you cannot drown them.
        How long has it been since the Bible was considered a large data set? 40 years, maybe? It's only 4 megs, for crying out loud.

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