vote on In order to be able to say "I know Perl", you must have:

Read a book on Perl
[bar] 19/4%
Written a book on Perl
[bar] 7/2%
Contributed to the Perl source code
[bar] 11/3%
Debugged someone else's script
[bar] 30/7%
Played Perl Golf
[bar] 6/1%
Used regular expressions to save the day
[bar] 31/7%
Used Perl for a certain amount of time (please specify)
[bar] 37/9%
Invested a certain amount of man-hours in learning Perl (please estimate)
[bar] 13/3%
Visited at least x Perl related events
[bar] 1/0%
(Co)maintain at least x active (up-river) CPAN modules
[bar] 2/0%
Forgotten you were not Larry Wall
[bar] 27/6%
One can never truly know Perl
[bar] 250/58%
434 total votes

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