I was browsing through the Windows 2000 Professional Resource Kit earlier this week when I was most surprised to find ActiveState Perl in the Scripting Tools section of the installation. It appears that while included on the installation CD, ActiveState Perl (version 521) is not installed by default, rather included in the /apps/ directory of the CD.

The content of this meditation is about the mixed message coming from Redmond. While, it is true that Microsoft offers absolutely no support or warranty for the tools provided in the Windows Resource Kit, the inclusion of ActiveState Perl in the Windows Resource Kit indicates a recognition and validation of the worth and role of Perl in system management and administration. This I feel is in great contrast to some of the messages of late coming from Redmond with regard to Perl and Open Source in general in the context of .NET - This article has been discussed before on PerlMonks by Ovid here.

Is this simply a case of the right-hand not knowing what the left-hand is doing? Or is there a fundamental flaw in the understanding, application and deployment of open source within the ranks of Microsoft? An interesting point to ponder ...


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