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Re^4: Reasons for Using "Perl6" (don't need to earn a living?)

by Laurent_R (Canon)
on Dec 22, 2017 at 22:37 UTC ( #1206084=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Reasons for Using "Perl6" (don't need to earn a living?)
in thread Reasons for Using Perl 6

Hi dear 1nickt,

first I should say that I very much respect you and your opinions, even when I don't agree with some of them. You're one of the (very few) monks whose posts I have donwvoted a few times, but I have upvoted your posts much more often, as I value very much your contributions to this site in general. So, despite our serious disagreement on P6, I usually love your contributions to Perl and very often upvote them. And I am pretty sure that, if we were living in the same area, I would enjoy having a beer with you (and I think you would enjoy it too).

I am not really interested in getting into a detailed debate on P6 with you, it would go nowhere. Just one point that any monk can witness: your Zoffix"'s quote is just unfair: Zoffix tried to make a fair comparison between P5 and P6, with pros and cons for each, and you just cherry picked those comments that fit your view point. That's not how I would do it, to say the least.

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