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Perl plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 2017.5 available

by hurricup (Pilgrim)
on Feb 26, 2018 at 07:13 UTC ( #1209954=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


  • Debugger (requires Devel::Camelcadedb v2017.100.3+)

  • Smart keys

  • Formatter

    • New formatting options available
      • Wrapping and Alignment
        • subs and methods signatures
        • variable declarations lists
        • subs and variables attributes, #1684
        • ternary expression
        • qw lists
        • call arguments
        • binary expressions, #1680
        • assignments
        • chained dereference, #1681
        • comma-separated lists, #1677
        • comments, #1676
        • spacing for signatures, attributes and subs prototypes
    • Formatting for anon subs, hashes, arrays and lists is much better now, by @aptituz
    • qw list is now formatted like a block, meaning quotes being formatted same way as braces, #1678
  • Interface

    • Re-generate XSubs declaration action removed from Perl5 settings. It's now available in Tools -> Perl5 menu and via Run Action... (Ctrl+Shift+A)
    • Re-format with Perl::Tidy and Deparse file... actions also moved to the Tools -> Perl5 menu.

  • Data::Printer exports should work fine now, #1698
  • cpanfile is now recognized as a perl file. To make resolve and completion work, you should have carton installed, by @Nowaker


  • Perl interpreters manipulation now has minimalistic UI, should help with buttons unavailability, by @alexqfredrickson
  • Missing completion of variables declared in anon sub signature, by @elcamlost
  • False variables resolve from statement to anon sub signature, by @elcamlost
  • Variables resolve to signatures in anon subs or subs nested in statements, by @elcamlost
  • Parsing of hash variable after omitted argument in perl signature, by @elcamlost
  • New line won't be inserted before fat comma on wrapping
  • Formatter now removes spaces after \ operator
  • Moving opening brace to the comment after compound statement beginning, #1578
  • Parsing $1x as variable name and x operator, #1667
  • Resolve from methods declared with method keyword in certain frameworks, #1669
  • Additional formatting cases
  • False unresolved sub warning in Exporter array in case of multiple targets available, #1726
  • Dialog rename for accessors now suggests proper name, #1719
  • False unresolved namespace warning in no statements, #1733


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