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The reason I asked is because it's sundialsvc4 posting anonymously and inexpertly again. He absolutely could not demonstrate what you suggest. That's the point of asking him. One does not get to say, this is trivial and then substitute handwaving for technical details. An anonymous-hat-monk called me out once when I said something was semi-trivial so I backed it up because I know what I'm doing and while I'm just as in love with the sound of my keyboard as the ruler of Worst Nodes I'm also interested in helping others. This is not only a site for the competent hackers you imagine. It's also a site for beginners and knowledge seekers. Explicit examples like choroba and LanX produced serve the monastery infinitely better.

I have said many, many times SunnyD is often half right and that allows others to read into the wrong half and make assumptions or contortions or edge-cases to make it right. But half a cup of poison is still a problem and I am going to continue to slap it out of his hands when he offers it.