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Thank you for pointing out how to get info about the Tcl installation (I am a newbee with Tcl!). It turns out I am using an older version (actually I never installed Tcl. My version must come together with Tcl::pTk?!?). With my ecosystem I can create an .exe with PerlApp without problems (beside the speed problem which is not bearable).

tcl_version 8.5 tcl_patchLevel 8.5.13 tk_version 8.5 tk_patchLevel 8.5.13 tk_library C:/Perl/lib/auto/Tcl/tkkit.dll/lib/P-win32-ix86/tk8.5 Tcl::pTk 0.92 Tcl 1.02 $^V v5.16.3 $] 5.016003

I'll try to find out how update Tcl (and make it work together with PerlApp which I fear it will not be easy...). How can you tell Tcl::pTk WHERE to look for Tcl? I can not find any mention of this.

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