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More or Less Active - where are we now?

by 5mi11er (Deacon)
on May 01, 2018 at 18:38 UTC ( #1213901=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I've been traveling down memory lane the past few days. Been a long time since I'd visited PM. Checked out various discussions voted some, then revisited some of my old posts, when I ran across this thread: Is PM more active or less active than X years ago?

Four years later, and things are obviously MUCH slower around here. I'm happy to see it's still active, and that eyepopslikeamosquito is still keeping track of some site stats here: Re: Selected best nodes - nothing recent, why?

Ah, memories of waiting for a question you could give a meaningful answer to. Good stuff.


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Re: More or Less Active - where are we now?
by mxb (Monk) on May 02, 2018 at 08:02 UTC

    I classify myself as a new user, and I find PM extremely useful.

    While I registered a number of years ago, I've only really "got into" Perl more recently, and active on PM this year. Perl quickly became my favourite programming language (most of my programming experience is system level programming - assembly language, C, odd bits of shell script). I just find Perl more fun :)

    I can see from browsing the PM archives that it has been more active in the past, but I find the current level of activity sufficient. I've not had any issues getting answers to my questions reasonably quickly and while the active community seems small, it's very friendly. I know it's been mentioned in other threads, but somehow the PM community seems much more supportive compared to other forums I've used.

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