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Okay. I have now reproduced your results with 5.22:

C:\test>\perl22\bin\perl -e"my$s=do{local(@ARGV,$/)='1gb.db';<>}; prin +t `tasklist /nh /fi \"PID eq $$\"`;" perl.exe 2948 Console 1 1,218 +,828 K

But not from my repl. It has a variety of things preloaded:

C:\test>\perl22\bin\perl.exe \perl22\bin\ [0]{} Perl> print for keys %INC;; Time/ Exporter/ threads/ List/ warnings/ Data/ ActivePerl/ Scalar/ C:/Perl22/site/lib/ [0]{} Perl>

One or more of which appear to interfere with this feature, which doesn't bode well. I'll investigate further sometime.

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