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Re: New pmdev-only documentation infrastructure

by jdporter (Canon)
on Dec 17, 2018 at 20:26 UTC ( #1227365=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to New pmdev-only documentation infrastructure

Update: The information below is "OBE"; it has served its purpose. All of the doc nodes which were in category 2 have been converted to devdoclets, and the respective calling codes have been modified to call showdevdoclet instead of showsitedoclet. In fact, all remaining uses of showsitedoclet have been converted, and it is now completely obsolete. Category 1 doclets are retrieved with get_sitedoclet only.

Each extant sitedoclet is categorized as to whether it is:

  1. User-facing
  2. Infrastructural annotation

1. User-facing sitedoclets

These provide some (or all) of the text of the associated user-facing node.

The contents are retrieved using get_sitedoclet

docletforfor type (if other than superdoc or nodelet)
showhints sitedoclet showhints htmlcode. This "method" stores its own data in this doclet.
New User Mail sitedoclet New User Mail mail. this doclet stores the text (template) of the email message!
monktitlebar sitedoclet monktitlebar htmlcode. This "method" stores its own data in this doclet.
PerlMonks FAQ sitedoclet PerlMonks FAQ faqlist
QandASection sitedoclet QandASection this is an odd case, because CatQA is odd.
Retrieving a forgotten username or password sitedoclet Retrieving a forgotten username or password
Choosing a username Create A New User
Voting/Experience System Sitedoclet Voting/Experience System
Recently Active Threads Faqlet sitedoclet Recently Active Threads Faqlet
Perl Monks Approved HTML tags sitedoclet Perl Monks Approved HTML tags
What XML generators are currently available on PerlMonks? sitedoclet What XML generators are currently available on PerlMonks?
Tutorials sitedoclet Tutorials
The St. Larry Wall Shrine sitedoclet The St. Larry Wall Shrine
Snippets Section sitedoclet Snippets Section
Perl Monks Discussion sitedoclet Perl Monks Discussion
Seekers of Perl Wisdom sitedoclet Seekers of Perl Wisdom
Meditations sitedoclet Meditations
Obfuscated code sitedoclet Obfuscated code
Reviews sitedoclet Reviews
Cool Uses for Perl sitedoclet Cool Uses for Perl
Perl News sitedoclet Perl News
Categorized Questions and Answers sitedoclet Categorized Questions and Answers
Code Catacombs sitedoclet Code Catacombs
Add your code sitedoclet Add your code
Perl Poetry sitedoclet Perl Poetry
Book Reviews sitedoclet Book Reviews
Module Reviews sitedoclet Module Reviews
Nodes to consider sitedoclet Nodes to consider
Free Nodelet Settings sitedoclet Free Nodelet Settings
Nodelet Settings sitedoclet Nodelet Settings
Timezone Settings sitedoclet Timezone Settings
How to use the moderation system sitedoclet How to use the moderation system
Editor Requests sitedoclet Editor Requests
Inner Scriptorium sitedoclet Inner Scriptorium
Quests sitedoclet Quests
Selected Best Nodes sitedoclet Selected Best Nodes
Best Nodes sitedoclet Best Nodes
pedagogues sitedoclet pedagogues
cabal sitedoclet cabal
janitors sitedoclet janitors
power users sitedoclet power users
QandAEditors sitedoclet QandAEditors
gods sitedoclet gods
pirates sitedoclet pirates
Tinkers sitedoclet Tinkers
Site Documentation Clan sitedoclet Site Documentation Clan
pmdev sitedoclet pmdev
pollsters sitedoclet pollsters
SiteDocClan sitedoclet SiteDocClan
Worst Nodes sitedoclet Worst Nodes
Login sitedoclet Login
Duplicate Post Warning sitedoclet Duplicate Post Warning
Breathers of Fire sitedoclet Breathers of Fire
holders of unholy power sitedoclet holders of unholy power
Information sitedoclet Information
Pedagogues Nodelet sitedoclet Pedagogues Nodelet
Pollsters' Nodelet sitedoclet Pollsters' Nodelet
SiteDocManagers sitedoclet SiteDocManagers
developers sitedoclet developers
Past Polls sitedoclet Past Polls
Message Outbox sitedoclet Message Outbox
Cabalists' Nodelet sitedoclet Cabalists' Nodelet
SiteDocClan Nodelet sitedoclet SiteDocClan Nodelet
QandAEditors Nodelet sitedoclet QandAEditors Nodelet
Buy Stuff sitedoclet Buy Stuff
The Monastery Gates sitedoclet The Monastery Gates
Leftovers sitedoclet Leftovers
Signature Settings sitedoclet Signature Settings
Newest Nodes Settings sitedoclet Newest Nodes Settings
Ignored Users sitedoclet Ignored Users
Sections sitedoclet Sections
Saints In Our Book sitedoclet Saints In Our Book
Settings Nodelet sitedoclet Settings Nodelet
Find Nodes sitedoclet Find Nodes
PmDev Nodelet sitedoclet PmDev Nodelet
Cabal Ticker Odd! Standalone/unused!
Personal Nodelet Settings sitedoclet Personal Nodelet Settings
Offering Plate sitedoclet Offering Plate
Moderation Nodelet sitedoclet Moderation Nodelet
User Settings sitedoclet User Settings
Monks by Writeup Count sitedoclet Monks by Writeup Count

2. Infrastructural annotation

These are displayed when viewing the code of the associated node -- even in the cases where the node is a superdoc. Thus, they are only ever seen by pmdev (and gods).

The contents are retrieved using showsitedoclet. This is always within an htmlpage.

docletforfor type
CanConsider devdoclet CanConsider accessrule
handlelinks settings devdoclet handlelinks settings setting
gettable fields devdoclet gettable fields setting
split_html devdoclet split_html htmlcode
expandfreenodelet devdoclet expandfreenodelet htmlcode
fullpage print page devdoclet fullpage print page htmlpage
A hazy shade of winter devdoclet A hazy shade of winter superdoc
handle_threaded_nodes devdoclet handle_threaded_nodes htmlcode
move2sect devdoclet move2sect htmlcode
nodelet permissions devdoclet nodelet permissions setting
power users' hall of shame devdoclet power users' hall of shame restricted setting
list replies toggle javascript devdoclet list replies toggle javascript fullpage
get_sitedoclet devdoclet get_sitedoclet htmlcode
node_info_string devdoclet node_info_string htmlcode
zombify user devdoclet zombify user superdoc (currently empty)
wonki editpage devdoclet wonki editpage htmlpage
closeform devdoclet closeform htmlcode
show_notices devdoclet show_notices htmlcode
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