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RE: Employment Status

by perlmonkey (Hermit)
on May 18, 2000 at 05:27 UTC ( #12281=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Employment Status

I suppose I agree with peoples reluctance for job postings. Perhaps this is not the best place to put it. But I sort of disagree with the troll recuiters argument. There is nothing now preventing recruiters from adding crap to the site, trolls will show up eventually as this site becomes more popular, it is an unfortunate reality.

Basically instead of the job board it would be nice to see just company names and locations where I could do real perl programming. If I want to find out more, the company home pages should have all the details, so no reason to put it here. Maybe this kind of list is already available somewhere else?

Everybody and their dog requires you know perl in job listings, but how many of them want you to actually do engineering in perl, or help engineer perl itself? That is the kind of job I am interested in. It seems that most companies have already put perl in a little niche, like "perl is for cgi" or "perl is for shell scripting", where the language is only used for farily simple tasks.

So maybe I should start another dicsussion topic, but I am interested in hearing what companies do serious engineering with perl, or if there are people out there that are getting paid to do really cool stuff with perl.

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