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Welcome to the Illuminations!

Here you will find questions (from the Seekers of Perl Wisdom section) which have been esteemed by our venerable monks to be exceptional.

These questions are organized with categories (tags, keywords).

These exceptional questions will likewise have one or more replies which have been deemed best.

When you're viewing the SoPW section, or the threaded view of a question, each exceptional question and its best replies are indicated with a nice golden star: ⭐

The users empowered to designate questions and answers as "exceptional" are the Q&A Editors group.

For further information, see the FAQ How are the Illuminations maintained?

Good Questions in categories (data structures)

variable through another variable — 1⭐ / 4
How do I make an array of hashes? — 1⭐ / 2
How do I make a hash of arrays? — 4⭐ / 4
How do I make a hash of hashes? — 2⭐ / 5
In an array of arrays, how do I print the whole array or bits of it? — 1⭐ / 2
How do I reverse an array of arrays? — 1⭐ / 1
set theory w/hashes? arrays? done quickly? — 1⭐ / 3
How do I make a stack? — 1⭐ / 1
How can I visualize my complex data structure? — 3⭐ / 4
How do I compare/match deeply nested (complex) data structures? — 1⭐ / 3
How do I save a nested structure to a file (and read it later)? — 3⭐ / 3
How to check whether a hash is empty (has no keys)? — 2⭐ / 2
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