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Welcome to the Illuminations!

Here you will find questions (from the Seekers of Perl Wisdom section) which have been esteemed by our venerable monks to be exceptional.

These questions are organized with categories (tags, keywords).

These exceptional questions will likewise have one or more replies which have been deemed best.

When you're viewing the SoPW section, or the threaded view of a question, each exceptional question and its best replies are indicated with a nice golden star: ⭐

The users empowered to designate questions and answers as "exceptional" are the Q&A Editors group.

For further information, see the FAQ How are the Illuminations maintained?

Good Questions in categories (programs and processes)

Determining memory usage of a process... — 2⭐ / 3
Does it possible to run an outer program in perl? — 1⭐ / 4
How do you run a perl script without typing the extension on NT? — 1⭐ / 4
How do I make a Perl script into a self-contained executable? — 3⭐ / 6
How to kill a process after calling fork? — 1⭐ / 3
How do I get both the return value and text? backticks vs. system() — 1⭐ / 4
How to set an environment variable in perl so that it's visible to subsequent processes? — 1⭐ / 3
Coding CTRL-D — 1⭐ / 2
How do I run another program from within my Perl program — 2⭐ / 3
How can I change the environment from within my Perl script? — 1⭐ / 2
How can I see/manage the process list on Win32? — 1⭐ / 3
How do I know my process id, from within perl script — 1⭐ / 4
Can I run a piece of code like child process? — 2⭐ / 5
How do I start two programs without waiting for first one to be finished ? — 1⭐ / 4
If I Want every child process to have EXACTLY 2 minutes to execute? — 1⭐ / 3
Using Net::SMTP to Bcc, Cc or multiple recipients — 1⭐ / 6
Is it possible to background a perl script from within itself? — 3⭐ / 7
How do I encode my perl into my C/C++ programs? — 1⭐ / 2
Can Perl remain persistent for scripts just like mod_perl does for apache? — 1⭐ / 8
How can I redirect STDOUT and STDERR from a program on WIN32? — 1⭐ / 8
How do I find the memory used by a particular hash (NOT including perl itself)? — 1⭐ / 4
How do I compile my script so that it becomes a standalone executable? — 3⭐ / 8
How to run a shell script from a Perl program? — 2⭐ / 9
how do i trap the error generated by perl — 2⭐ / 3
How do I trap $SIG{INT} ( sigint aka Ctrl^c )? — 1⭐ / 4
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