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Welcome to the Illuminations!

Here you will find questions (from the Seekers of Perl Wisdom section) which have been esteemed "Good".

These questions are organized with categories (aka tags or keywords).

In addition, "good" questions can have replies likewise designated as "good" (or "best").

When you're viewing the SoPW section or the threaded view of a question, all "good"/"best" questions & answers are indicated with a nice golden star: ⭐

Good Questions in categories (references)

How to recover a reference from a stringified reference? — 1⭐ / 2
How do I determine the type of a reference? — 4⭐ / 5
How to compare content of two references for equality? — 1⭐ / 2
How to force one variable to be an alias to another? — 2⭐ / 5
How do I refer to an element of a hash of arrays as an array — 1⭐ / 3
How do I get a reference to a builtin function? — 1⭐ / 5
How do I access an array for which I only have a reference? — 3⭐ / 6
How do I take a slice of a hash reference? — 1⭐ / 4
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