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Re: Converting Word97 (or later) exported HTML to valid HTML

by Hero Zzyzzx (Curate)
on Nov 06, 2001 at 21:36 UTC ( #123630=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Converting Word97 (or later) exported HTML to valid HTML

I do this with a file upload and wp2html, which creates really lean HTML and has the added bonus of working with WordPerfect docs too. I'm really happy with this solution- it's fast as heck, the HTML is pretty good and you have mucho control over the generated HTML.

While you can get the source, there is a 5 pound licensing fee. (very reasonable, considering the amount of work that must have gone into this). The author is very responsive, too.

I've tried wvHTML too, I like wp2html better because it keeps the intent of the document, and a good amount of the formatting without trying to stay TOO true to the original format of the document. Basically, wp2html gets the good stuff, while wvHTML jumps through too many hoops to keep the converted document looking like the original Word doc.

If you can upload a compiled binary, I highly suggest you check it out. It rocks!

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