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best threads

by developers (Initiate)
on Nov 08, 2001 at 21:36 UTC ( #124107=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
poll ideas quest
The World Trade Center Tragedy
PM merchandise/icon design quest
How to calculate development time?
Posting "Other Users" on potential personality voters from now on
Name Space
Ruminations of an ex-PM monk
Software piracy- what would you do?
Unusual Closure Behaviour
So it's homework - so what?
Average number of caffeinated beverages per work day
Is PerlMonks economically viable?
uc() every other letter
Conditional style (if, &&) query
A C-like brain in a Perl-like world
On programmer schedules and productivity
Perl on Win98 vs. Win/NT/2000?
Pattern Finding
OO Perl: calling a constructor within a class
Biggest clue you don't want the job you're offered
Perl's warts
The true PerlMonks Experience
Strict, strings and subroutines
(Golf) Let's go bowling
Daft text adventure project
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