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Re: Net::AIM trouble

by {NULE} (Hermit)
on Nov 12, 2001 at 02:55 UTC ( #124702=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Net::AIM trouble


thealienz1 asked us about this node in the CB and we did some research to figure out what the problem was. I don't know if thealienz1 got cut off or what, but I don't want our work to go to waste - so here is what we came up with:

16:23:11 <thealienz1> can no one answer my post...
16:23:41 <thealienz1> Is it that hard?
16:26:41 <{NULE}> I don't know how many people have used Net::AIM, thealienz1. Sundays are often slow here as well.
16:27:41 <FoxtrotUniform> I'm not at all familiar with the Net::AIM code....
16:27:41 <{NULE}> Did you look in the Net/AIM/ file to see what was complaining?
16:29:41 <{NULE}> I'll d/l it real quick to see what I see. :)
16:30:11 <Zecho> $plugin.lib")
16:30:11 <Zecho> $plugin\.lib")
16:33:11 <rchiav> thealienzl those errors usually mean you're not passing something that you're supposed to. I'd look at the module at those lines and figure out what doesn't have a value. Then you can trace it back.
16:35:41 <{NULE}> The send_im sub in Connection PM calls a method normalize on the $user variable, which in turn does the s/// and tr/// that are complaining. Sounds like $user isn't populated.
16:36:12 rchiav wanders off to clean up the place..
16:37:12 <rchiav> {NULE} and his hash he stores that info in is blank. I thought that might be for posting purposes.
16:37:12 <{NULE}> Which means that somewhere in your code looks like $nick is not defined.
16:37:42 {NULE} wonders if thealienz1 caught any of that.
16:38:42 <Zecho> think this might have something to do with it? my($self,$nick,$args) = $_[0];
<SNIP ... some random stuff happened>
16:41:42 <{NULE}> I'm tempted to post a snippet of my chat log here to that node in reply. Along with a "Please don't ask questions in the CB and ignore the answer". :)

Today's CB snippet is brought to you courtesy of the fabulous Curses Chatterbox Client. :)


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Re: Re: Net::AIM trouble
by thealienz1 (Pilgrim) on Nov 12, 2001 at 03:19 UTC
    Can I get a ... T! Can I get a ... H! Can I get a ... A! Can I get a ... N! Can I get a ... K! Can I get a ... S! What does that spell? Canigetatcanigetahcanigetaacanigetancanigetakcanigetas... And we have no idea what that means.

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