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While I widdle away the day's I find my self doing nothing. Nothing of course that relates to my job of which I should be doing right now. I'm now in the Army doing the exact thing I tried to escape by joining, which of course was bordem. I just came back from being deployed in Afganistan for 8 months and after a short stay of about 4 months at home I got to come to the wonderful country of Iraq for another unknow period of time. Although I find very little time to work with Perl any more, I still lug around all of my Perl related reading material encase I find some time where I can just wallow in a hole and code a little. Other than that I hike, bike, kayak, canoe, run, and keep myself outside as much as possible on the weekends, at least when I am at home. I've been learning perl for the three years or so, and finally feel like I know maybe a percent or two of all of it uses for me. Probably not that high though. All in all I love to program, and perl has become a grand friend to me.