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Re: Re: Transforming strange format to XML

by Tortue (Scribe)
on Nov 18, 2001 at 00:04 UTC ( #126039=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Transforming strange format to XML
in thread Transforming strange format to XML

I obviously hadn't quite mastered combining positive lookahead and non-greediness (selflessness?) yet. Until now my solution was to use two statements:
s{\[_(CELL|COLHEAD)_\] (.*)}{<$1>$2</$1>}g; s{\s*\[_(CELL|COLHEAD)_\]\s*}{</$1><$1>}g;
Here it's more complicated because there's several of these tags. It's lamer and slower than yours, so I'll gladly change it, thanks!

Pauses to think for a while... Hm, with that extra twist I just introduced (not fair, I know), maybe the two-step version isn't slower. Lookahead on something it doesn't know yet could get tricky, maybe.

But it seems to work fine, and I don't think I care about speed anyway.

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