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Good advice in the other responses. Some more words for you:

Your line of code to find the length:

$asize = @a;
works because an array evaluates to the number of elements it contains in a scalar context. Assigning to a scalar (as you do above) provides a scalar context to the right hand side (RHS). So the array is evaluated in this scalar context, giving the length, which the assignment then puts into your '$asize' variable.

Why did I bother spelling this out in a long-winded way? Because it is useful to understand what it going on. For example, I usually write the above as:

my $asize = scalar @a;
The 'scalar' keyword supplies a scalar context to its argument and gives the result of the evaluation. It is redundant in the above example (because we already have a scalar context from the assignment to the scalar).

So why do I write it like that? Because:

And I'll conclude this overly-pedantic missive to state that you should look into using 'use strict' and '#!... -w', to force you into good habits. (Heh...habits! Monks! How funny is that!? (Hrrrm...the first couple of million times were probably worth chuckling at, but thats about it))