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I want to use LWP::Simple inside a safe compartment created with the Safe Module. But it ends up with errors like "Can't locate object method "new" via package "LWP::UserAgent" at line... or "Require trapped by operation mask..."

Here is how the code looks like (shortened ;-) ):

$codefromoutside='print wget "";'; use LWP::Simple (); sub wget { LWP::Simple::get $_[0] } use Safe; $safe=new Safe; $safe->share(qw(wget)); $safe->reval($codefromoutside); print $@ if $@;
(There is a reason why I use "wget" instead of "get" directly because I have already a subroutine with the name "get" elsewhere)

I tried some other things but they all didn't work. Does anybody know how to use LWP::Simple::get inside a save compartment?

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Christoph Bergmann