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Im still a perl newbie so go easy ;-)
My question is how in the world do arrays get seperated?
Ive made up a test script to see how its done. I have 3 files with several words that I want to push into 1 large array while lowercasing each word but each file gets pushed up against the last without a newline. Output ends up like this and I cant figure out how to change this behavior:
one two threefour five sixseven eight nine
for (my $i = 0; $i < $num; $i++) { print "$ARGV[$i]\n"; open (FH, "$ARGV[$i]") || die "Cant open: $!"; while (<FH>) { push @out, lc; } close FH || die "Cant open: $!"; } print @out;
What am I doing wrong? :-(

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