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As far as "packaging" scripts to run without modules pre-installed....

If you can assume that Perl is present, you can write a mini-program to look for modules, e.g.

unless ( eval " use Tk; " ) { &do_install ('Tk'); } exec "my-real-program.plx"; # ... sub do_install ($) { my $pkg = shift; print "Installing $pkg module..."; if ($^O =~ /win/i) { `ppm install $pkg.PPD`; } else { chdir ('unix_pkg'); `tar -zxf $pkg.tar.gz`; chdir ($pkg); require "Makefile.PL"; `sudo gmake install`; } }

The above code is both untested (ergo probably nonfunctional and nonportable) and ugly, but it's near enough to what I've used in a pinch before.